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Do not discard your brain

This whole terrorism level shit is even worse than the Sputnik fiasco.

Black & white, but can you see the red?

One of the fun things about working in a very creative office environment is that you often find little surprising bouts of creativity here and there. Take for example, these sketches that I found in a notebook lying somewhere in the office, which I later found out was some sort of quest on who can sketch me better.








The evil streak

If there was such a thing for humans, I know who I would use that on ;)

Via Jazarah.

Creative Commons, Amman

That’s pretty fantastic.
I really hope I’ll be able to make it, given how busy work has been these past few months. I do wish that such events are held on Saturdays… but anyway, let’s hope that I’ll be able to make it!


I (light shining in his eyes): Yes. I do have a fantastic vision for Amman. Especially Rainbow Street. I will buy every single shop on Rainbow Street and then turn them all into bars and clubs… Wow, I can see it happening.

P: That is very visionary. In your vision, I can see myself filming a documentary called “The Closing Down of Rainbow Street” a while later.

R: You mean, “The Burning Down of Rainbow Street.”

Another batch of new tooters!

What are you looking for in your daily reading? News about the newest business start-ups in Arabia? Gossip about Lebanese celebrities? Sarcasm? Or perhaps you’re looking for information and opinion on the Arab judicary system.
Well, whatever you are interested in, you’ll definitely find it on toot. Handpicked daily, morning and night, to provide you with the freshet, hottest news, ideas, and even rumors from this Arab world of ours.

The latest additions:

Nail that Geometry

Here’s a cool quiz that at first measures your ability to remember 7th grade geometry (pretty bad, I hated geometry), and then tests your visual measurement skills (I should probably do a bit better).

The Eyeballing Quiz:

My score: 5.16

What’s yours?

Oh, yeah, it’s that time of the year again

Namely, the time when toot grows.

This year’s first batch of new toot blogs is as good as ever. We have the art crowd, as seen in Daftar Tajreebi, an art blog by a bunch of inspired Arabs, and Bataranzi, a photography blog by Jordanian photographer Laith Al-Majali. We, of course, have the tech blogs, like WEBsessed , Abdulla Al-Muheiri’s blog, and Milyani (another toot Mac freak!).

We also have a cool collection of niche blogs, that will surely satisfy
even the most picky of you: Zira3a, in Arabic, dealing with all things
agriculture, Ads2blog, dealing with advertising in Kuwait, and Samehar, a blog about industrial engineering (say what?)

Of course, that’s not all, but we won’t the pleasure of exploring
what’s new on toot for you guys. Check out our first batch of some of
the best of what the Arab world has to offer in the blogging world:

Of course, those are not the only blogs on our toot bookmarks this time. Check back this week for more!

Guys, welcome aboard.


Roba: So it’s only the Titans that are lossless so far?
M: Yeah, it’s only the Titans that are undefeated. So far.
Roba: As in, lossless.
M: As in, undefeated.

Two hours later:
Roba: So the Lions are winless?
M: Yup. They are unwinning.
Roba: Unwinning? No that doesn’t work, cause lossless comes from winless.
M: And unwinning comes undefeated.

About time that…

Kraft change their retarded, impossible-to-open cheese spread packaging. Seriously.

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