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Conversations with Y: Internet Existential Crisis

Y: (Please imagine the following sentence said in a hardcore Bri2ish accent, said by a geeky Bri2ish brunette, with geeky Bri2ish glasses), “If you type in Google into Google…. (pause)…. you can break the internet. I’m serious.”
Hahahahaha that’s so funny. Seriously. I can’t stop laughing. It’s like the internet is having an existential crisis!

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  1. LOL, who comes up with this? I think this is like telling people they can’t lick their elbow, everyone still has to try it.

  2. J

    Ahh, “The IT Crowd” – fantastic show.

  3. Just tried it:
    2,450,000,000 for google. (only 0.54 seconds). A few years back that used to be the total number of pages that google indexed. They used to have that number on the main search page.

    this reminded me, before modern computing was popular, the Mossad used to have a software where you typed into it a name, and it would return the names of all known associates of that person. Some wiseguy typed in Arafat, and the server crashed!

  4. I don’t get it

  5. Genius!

    (And I’ve also just discovered that I am ‘Bri2ish’…which I love!)

  6. tim

    I can’t bring myself to try it and ruin the internet for everyone. j/k

  7. Asmaa

    The IT Crowd and being British… it doesn’t get any better :P

  8. ohoud


  9. y

    credits to HANA for providing insight on this specific piece of bri2ish humor. hehehe its still cracking me up!!

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