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Depressive Connotations


Y: How do people have fun?
I forgetted.
How do we have fun?

R: We go to Books.

Y: So are you telling me that Books is the only way we have fun?

R: Maybe. But Books is super expensive it’s not fun anymore.

Y: But Beirut is fun. Beirut is always fun. Even without Books.

R: You don’t live in Beirut, you only go there every few months, and that’s why it’s fun.

Y: No, but I lived there every day for five years.

L: You were in university, that’s different.

R: Yeah, university is always fun, even here.

Y: Are you telling me that the only way to have fun in this life is either to go to Books or education?

L: Yeah, go do your Masters or something.

Y: But what about after Masters, will it go back to being only Books is fun? What’s the point of this life?


One quiet Ramadani evening…


Amman as local artists saw it


  1. lol! 3njad we fight to graduate as early as possible and then we go back for more… Is “Books” like borders? The pictures seem it has a nice atmosphere… kteer nice.

  2. Education is not a bad idea. May I suggest grammar school?

  3. Batoul, Books is not like borders … It’s a cafe/restaurant/pub/bookshop all in one … it’s a nice place, overall.

  4. Moose

    Deeb Deeb Stuff
    I agree with oxford though…
    Learning the English language could be fun

  5. What is fun ?

    Waking up in the morning because you had enough sleep, going through more pages of the dual-language book you were reading just before you felt sleepy and decided its time to sleep. and then playing “Ala Baly; Sherren” that your spanish friend believes to be one master piece of Arabic music, and then preparing your (café con leche) and sitting on the terrace outside.

    Fun in essence is cheap, sustainable, and productive.

    Books is not fun :(

  6. webster

    catalyst is my favorite so far
    and you don’t even sound like you’re capable of having fun. not you roobee! that … PERSON….no no not moose, the other one!!!
    you know which one.

  7. Maybe the older we get, we forget what fun means.

  8. Nabali

    Such a turn off Ruba I must say..

  9. Nabali did you intentionally misspell Roba’s name?!

    Well roobs, let me tell you, Masters is fun :) and NYC is the most fun place to do your Masters, but there’s always the question of: what about when I’m done? What then?

    I have to admit I miss Books… not because it’s particularly fun, but because it’s so laid-back and I felt so at home. I never order food there if I can help it, and alcohol there is so much more expensive than other pubs in the neighborhood… coffee is always the best deal.

  10. Nabali

    That would’ve been a very smart joke Lina :) unfortunately no, i didn’t misspell Roba’s name intentionally.. Witty, I must admit!

  11. Y meant to say “forgetted” because the whole convo was carried in a humorous sense

    lol, AHH I miss Syntax

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