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On June

Yesterday, I was like damn, it’s the third ALREADY and I have completely forgotten about my visual monthly review. I usually look forward to that.
Not that it matters. June was not really a very colorful month.

But anyway, I really want that car.

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Thank God it’s Wednesday.


That orange liquid


  1. If you watch Little Miss Sunshine you’d really stop wanting to buy that car.

  2. Reef

    Robzzz, I think u mean on June:)

  3. NT

    is the second picture your wedding inviations ? :)

  4. dman! the first picture is amazing.. did you fixed the lighting for that or it was like that already!

    enno seriously.. that should be made into a painting and sold for 1.4 m euros :)

  5. Cool wedding invitations! I like the idea

  6. ayman

    this car is for cousin of my father, he love his car , he have it since i have been on this earth, i was like to git in it when i was watch SANDY BILL the cartoon charectar

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