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Thank God it’s Wednesday.

Utah this summer will become what experts say is the first state to institute a mandatory four-day work week for most state employees, joining local governments across the nation that are altering schedules to save money, energy and resources.





On June


  1. looooooooooooooooooooooool

    In Jordan!!!!!!! not in the next million years, sometimes I feel my employer wish that I work 24/7.
    By the way I work for an American company, most of our customers are in the US, so if they would have three days vacation, I believe that day will be taken from our two days weekend.

    check this out and you will understand what I mean.

  2. I still think Americans are among the most hard-working people in the West at least

  3. I want to work there!!!

  4. No you don’t buddy. Even if they cut the work week to 8 hours spread over 7 days.

    Count with me, 27 days to go….

  5. Fadi, it’s salt lake city. The state government and Mormon church are almost the same thing. If that didn’t change your mind, they’re not allowed to marry more than one woman anymore :D

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