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Rainbow Bright

Step 21: Jump at any opportunity to take pictures of strange sock/shoe combinations.
In this photo: Roba Al-Assi [photos | remove tag]
Added June 13

From the album:
“How to Act Like an Idiot – Part 1”by Hal

Hal wrote:
at 9:55am on June 15th, 2008

I’m only not on the Internet when I’m sleeping or when I’m shopping.
No wait, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to hug the Internet a little, for comfort :p
And yes. The socks are art. ART I tell ya. Yo when am I gonna see Rainbow Bright’s apartment?!?!? :D

Yasmeen wrote:
at 12:14 am yesterday

1: Roba’s apartment looks like the horrific aftermath of a Rainbow’s drunken night out, seriously, the thing just went out, got wasted, came back in there and PUKED ITS GUTS all over the place.

2: Roba, seriously? The socks?

3: Hal I wake up and hug Ally Mcbeal for comfort at night. She speaks to me. Is that so bad? She’s my internet. How lame did that just sound? Moving along.

4: Hal, your album is hi. la. rious. Emphasis on all three syllables please. Merci. Point final.

Hal wrote:
at 11:40am yesterday

Yasmeeeeeeeen! Ok so
1: I CAN’T WAIT. I am so gonna make fun of that crib MOHAHAHHAHA.
2: That’s what I said. The ‘seriously?’ part.
3: Seriously?
4: :D

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  1. Hal


    I love how we have no problems embarrassing the hell out of ourselves and screaming out to the world at large that we’re all quite a bit C.R.A.A.A.A.Z.Y.

  2. Heba

    First of all, on a side note,
    Hal I think you should know that some people are still checking your blog in hopes of finding a new entry, so do something about it please! For some reason, blog readers start feeling they are entitled to get their daily dose of blog reading, come on we miss simply your blog!!

    2nd, Roba, I think I’m confused, is this your apartment before or after?!!!

  3. Heba

    Ok, I just looked again at the pictures, and I can tell it is definitely after :)
    The paint looks fresh and clean, no scratches from furniture. and the heating unit is all wrapped up in plastic!

  4. Beautiful colors! Bravoooooo :)

  5. hussein

    mabrook roba & musa!

    colors looks very vivid and richy.. i liked them a lot ;)

    and the funny character below.. i can’t remember his name!! but i still remember his colorful city and the colors factory..

  6. Haha only you would have the guts to paint an appartment like that!
    Mabrook! National paints got a kick out of you i’m sure ;)

  7. HAHAHHA. Walkom CRAZY intoo 3anjad! majaneeeeen.

    And I like the colors we have the red and the green in our house. hehehehe. Should take pictures and blog it and link it to this post. MALOH IL RAINBOW?????

    Hal: I am checking that album RIGHT NOW. I can’t pass this up!

    P.S.: my verification word was TOZ. HHAHAHHA. How appropriate!
    P.P.S.: I can’t wait when older people or whatever come to iybarkolkoh with the apartment. I want to hear what they are going to say. Keep us posted.

  8. hahaha love the walls, I’d do the same to my apartment… when I own one.

  9. Mo

    I take it that Moose had nothing to do with any of thsi and was at best an over enthusiastic cheerleader!

    Mabrook, wish I could be there at the wedding – if only to wish you luck and make sure that you had 911 on speed dial…………what can I say, working in politics sucks!

    Say hello to Moose for me and once again CONGRATS!!!

    P.S Your blog is way cooler than Moose’s…and you’re a better writer, but make sure that stays between us.

  10. the blue/green combo.. looks like a Jeeran office.

  11. Fantastic colors very bright and good in the eyes so colorful to see..such a wonderful place home sweet home,,

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