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On April

And it’s just that summer is almost here, and that really makes me happy. There’s something about summer, about the summer shades of green, about the heat and the clothes and the sandals and the icecream, that really makes me happy.
First comes May… then comes June… the comes July…
And life is all about askimo, tanning, and walks.
Well, and other stuff this year too, but whatever.

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Homer in CSS




  1. “Well, and other stuff this year too, but whatever.”

    U’re gettin’ married this summer i suppose?
    well if that’s the case… mabrouk :)

    PS the anti-spam word was “zeft”…… ya!

  2. Bardees

    I love the cat!! So adorable!!!!

  3. Heba

    The picture of you with the WOX menu looked at first like the expression of someone reacting to the results on a pregnancy test! but then I realized it’s just a piece of tape :)

  4. Nice picture of Mouse in licky licious :)

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