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Office Conversations

Y: “You know the buckuks, the stuff that control something with the wheels in the car?”
R: “Yeah?”
Y: “Do you know where the word buckuks came from?”
R: “No clue…”
R: “Hahahaha. Buckuks, backaxis, buckaxis. Haha, that’s funny.”
Y: “No that’s not the funny part. The funny part is ‘buckaks amami.’ Get it? Front back axis?”
R: “Hahahaha.”


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  1. hisham assi

    hahahahahahahah thats hilarious!!!!!!!

  2. haha .. ha , god ,, classics still make ppl laugh ! :S


  4. Hehehe :P There are many words that we totally and completely altered.

    Diana or Bikam for pickup trucks, Laverse for Reverse, and the list goes on :D

  5. Ana

    3ishna w 3refna sho il buckuks lol.

  6. mo

    heres another one …

    banshar = puncture

  7. hahahahaha, ta7sheesh
    “a36i levirs 3ammo, a36i levirs” (reverse)

    tayyeb ana beddi a3raf from where comes the origin of “Ju3mukka” :D

  8. lol
    there are many car related mekanekeyyeh terms lol !! some long series lol ;p
    like do u know what a “disbarator” is?!?? heheh

  9. khalid jarrar

    distributer ;)

  10. Nibal

    hahha once upon time i was going to the uni….. the taxi driver told me a story: that he was driving a “ZA3RA” and the buckucks went off so he had no control on the car BUT the Taxi driver is mashalla better than michel samachar so at the end he manged to stop the car . i wondered for days what it that thing called BUCKECKS so i asked my friends and its the back axis

  11. nice, another arab word invention…

  12. Here is one more the waneet name used in Saudi to refer to a small pick truck started as a name for certain Nissan (Datsun) pick truck with a 1.8 engine.

    1.8 => One Eight => Waneet.

    PS: Its actually a back AXLE.

  13. When I was a kid, double-buckuks referred to someone with a big butt!

  14. I like double-buckuks and I cannot lie,
    your other brothers can’t deny! :D

  15. Maha

    bombuction …is from pump action
    mfarheleh…a car that needs an overhaul

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