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And before there was Flickr…

… there was Geocities :)

When I first started blogging, Flickr did not yet exist and YouTube was not even something I could have imagined. Blogger did not yet have the photo upload option and no online photosharing services were out yet.

Being the person I am, I could not imagine words without images, and so I googled until I figured out what HTML is, what an HTML tag is, and how to embed an image via HTML. Then I got a Geocities account, uploaded the images to my Geocities homepage, and hotlinked them to my Blogger blog.

Today while cleaning out my email, I found a link I had sent to myself four years ago with my Geocities homepage, and I just couldn’t believe how much change there has been since then. Not just in terms of the death of web safe colors and the rise of Web 2.0 content-sharing websites, but also in regards to the person I am today.

An image from my Geocities homepage:





Geeky Grafitti


  1. link is not working “geocities is not avaliable now”, and the picture is not loading.
    but yea .. things changed alot , specially with web 2 coming to the surface, things are way more user friendly and easy to use ! , blogger and wordpress was a great reliefe for blogging !

  2. now every thing is fine :P, the sneakers are safe (:

  3. Sorry, this GeoCities site is currently unavailable.

    The site not work.. :)

    zakarteny be my web site,, .. I made it since 9 years, but i didn’t update it since 5 yearz :S

    el sora msh 6al3a

  4. Well, at least we can be sure that the worst event of 2004 wont happen again :D

    Geocities is something I sometimes stumbled upon and then thought: “Oh, some ruins from the old days of web 1.0” – something before my time. I wonder, how it will be finding an old youtube account in 2018. As strange as geocities sites to me?

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