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On February

And it has been exactly one year since I started visually narrating my months on this space. One year of extreme changes, one year of a lot of colors, one year of a lot of words.


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On April
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On brilliant ideas


Ikea in Amman


  1. I LOVE blowing bubbles :) it’s so therapeutic and fun!

    These photos are awesome Roobs… I still can’t believe you hate February!
    I must also say you guys at Syntax are an awesome bunch!

    By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that I always get the first comment on those photo diaries ;) hehe

  2. damn it … my red mustache … :D

    the end of February was very nice ….

  3. y

    hahaha roobee i can’t believe you posted the justin corner! it’s down though…i guess a cyber memorial was due…
    also? my monsters ROCK!

  4. heba

    Thanks for posting photos of SYNTAX, everything changes there, people come and go but the huge lime green banner of SYNTAX’s first identity is always there, it actually moved with SYNTAX from the little tiny office at the fifth circle :)
    Do you know that I occupied your desk for 3 years until I moved to the one next to it near the window :)

    The good old days :)

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