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When words fail you. When you can’t have a decent discussion while visiting family because your eyes keep wandering to images of a flaming Ghaza on the muted television. When you feel guilty of posting a random post because you feel like you should be doing something more solid and more productive- something of value to those poor souls. When you can’t think of anything but that these people are your people, with only religion and barriers keeping you apart. When you spend the whole month thinking of what a horrible, unjust world this is, and how tiny and worthless you really are, sitting in the comfort of your living room, trying to avoid news channels, discussing the weather.

Tomorrow, you will get up, put your clothes on, drive to work, have your morning cup of coffee, and have the same day you have had for a while.

The world is an ironic place. You can give up once you realize that everything is futile, sit back, and decide to put all your faith in god, who will “solve everything eventually”. You can give up once you realize that everything is futile, sit back, and decide to spend your life working for your own needs and desires, building a happy future for you and your immediate family, all the while becoming a selfish, self-centered, quite futile person in the process. Or you can talk, discuss, and analyze the matters of the world for 50 years, spending your time arguing with labour parties and NGOs, then look back in your old age and realize that all those pointless years wasted on philosophizing have been as futile as really doing nothing at all.


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  1. yismalo 2ideki, o yislam tommik, i failed to express all these thoughts on words, i am as overwelmed as you are, and as angry with peoples indiference as you are, we need to find a way to do somethign on the ground, i wish i had some sort of group we can think together and do some brain storming session to get any useful practiacl idea to either provide aid or do anything really helpful on the ground. if you know of such people please let me knows!!!

  2. Too true. In a schizophrenic way, I find words fail, yet too many thoughts arise. There are too many conflicts, too little action, and those who can take action choose not to.

    All we can do is make people remember. Keep blogging, and keep Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and as many injustices on the agenda as possible. As the quote goes: “Oppression can only survive through silence.”

  3. Here in the US,I have been discussing the on going Holocaust by the Israeli war criminal ,with various organisation and individual ,right now we are working on civil lawsuit against the israeli war criminals we almost succeeded in arresting one war criminal in London and hopefully we can succeed the second time around.

  4. for some reason it always hurts to come across something that sums up all the drama in a few lines!
    Very Well said!
    May God be with them and Help them get out of this hell hole!

  5. Wow, this post has attracted all the dirtbags to your blog. Predictable, I suppose. Maybe Palestinians and Arabs in general would be better off if they spent a little time worrying about the injustices they perpetrate on others, and a little less time thinking of themselves as victims.

    When people like Khalid Jarrar and Alurdunialhurr are no more, the world will be a better place. Lets think about what we can do to speed their way to hell? :)

  6. Iraqi Chaldean archbishop seized

    Gunmen have kidnapped the archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Church in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and killed three of his aides, his church says.

    Most of Iraq’s estimated 700,000 Christians are Chaldeans – Catholics who are autonomous from Rome but recognise the Pope’s authority.

    Many have been targeted since the 2004 invasion by Sunni extremists groups.

    In January, bombs exploded outside three Chaldean and Assyrian churches in Mosul. Several Christian priests have also been kidnapped or killed during the past five years.

    Sunni extremist = you, right Khalid? Aren’t those the guys you so frequently brag about supporting in Iraq?

    What do you think is an appropriate response to this outrage? How many Sunni Arabs should Christians kill, before justice is done? A thousand? A million?

  7. Craig, are you implying that it’s ok to kill a few hundred civilians in Gaza because a Christian archbishop was kidnapped in Iraq ?

    With that kind of logic, you surely must work for the Bush adminitration

  8. Hani,

    Craig, are you implying that it’s ok to kill a few hundred civilians in Gaza because a Christian archbishop was kidnapped in Iraq ?

    Well, no… I’m implying it is OK for Christians to kill Muslims, because Muslims are murderers.

    With that kind of logic, you surely must work for the Bush adminitration

    With that kind of logic I must be at least part Arab, no? Don’t worry, Hani, the whole world is going to be “Arab” that way, soon. I’m not the only one who has had enough of Arabs and Muslims.

  9. Mark


    I cannot suggest to you that you should treat life or the opportunities presented to you during the journey as futile. Nor can I suggest that you blithely sit, and wait for God to make right everything you see as wrong. Just because it may seem to us that we have no way forward, does not mean there is not an unseen path presented to us. God gave humanity the choice of free will. This is both a gift and a burden because it means that who we are and what we do matters. It is not certain when or how we will matter on this earth, but it is nevertheless certain that we do matter.

  10. Hani, do you think the Jarrar family deserves to die, for their support of mass murdering terrorists? I’m looking for a “Yes” or “No” answer.

  11. Adam

    aww poor craig is tired of arabs & muslims.
    why don’t you get off your ass and go kill some in iraq instead of hanging out on little girls blogs.

  12. Hi there Roba and all,

    Here is a simple Gaza sympathy black ribbon for Facebook and social networking profiles. I hope this helps raise awareness of this issue specially for people with Western friends.

    Similar ribbons were made and spread on Facebook/MySpace to raised awareness of the Virginia Tech shootings in the USA as well as many other tragic events.

  13. khalid jarrar

    Please Hani, Do not reply to him, do not engage with this Craig -whoever he is- in any conversation, people like him pop in in my blog and other blogs, under various names, whenever there is a humanitarian disaster or a new mass murder by the occupation, and start saying a bunch of lies and a pile of false accusations and a ton of provoking comments, just to provoke people to forget about the original subject of the post and get busy stating the obvious that all what he says is a load of crap and writing facts to show that he is nothing but a little liar.

    Do not fall for that, this is about Gaza, not about this little germ, it’s not about catholic priests and not about me, its about the slaughter of the people of Gaza, and the inhumane, illegal unjust situation they are in because of the Israeli aggression, please let’s work on honoring the shohada2 and the patient people of Gaza by focusing on their issue, and ignoring any attempt to steer the subject away of them, simply ignore him, and frustration will cause him a heart attack, allowing us to think clearly about the current Gaza disaster, write more about it and tell the world about what is going on.

  14. Jim

    Craig, Go back to your IDF unit and do what you are good at, killing.

  15. Mohannad Al Majathoub

    Thanks Roba, it is really sad to see that we are incapable of doing anything when we wanted to help / stop.

    Craig, none of us (Arabs or Muslims) wanted to kill the people of other faiths (Christians or any other religions), but we share their lose. You are talking baloney.

  16. khalid jarrar

    guys, i advice you to not reply to what craig said at all, he knows its a load of shit, we know its a load of shit, he only wants to distract us and make us get busy defending ourselves and forget about Gaza and the on going situation, just ignore him, completely, and he will go away! every comment you write as a response to him is a victory he achieved steering the subject away of Gaza, ignore him completely.

  17. Wow Craig, you deserve a round of applause for reaching way beyond your usual level of shitty-ness. I am with killing people like you; bastard. I would not blame you after all, it seems your IQ is nonexistent.

  18. Markus

    Craig as a Christian, I would like to say to you that you have no right to speak in my name, I support the Palestinian struggle to be free from the scum of the earth called “Israel” stop making this out to be a good christian vs bad muslim thing. its not, its simply good vs evil and there are players from all faiths and nationalities on both sides of the equation, the only constant is that the zionist are evil and are occupiers, they are the root and the cause of this problem, and I suggest we do something about ridding the world of that ideology. I would love to meet with you one day Craig, im sure i will leave an unforgettable impression on you. scumbag.

  19. Markus

    Craig you threaten people with death and murder u better be able to back urself up punk….u think being an ex marine makes u strong, i know at least 2 ex-gangsters from mexican gangs in LA who made deals to serve in Iraq in return for their sentences in jail to be dropped thats what the marines are, scumbags drug dealers and gangsters, btw u want to look into it further they are residents of lynwood and they are crips, if u care for more details let me know, I hope ur not a gangster , u sound like one.

  20. Graig,, Political science 101,beside the name calling, occupation is the highest form of terror and it will never get higher than that,plain and simple lesson ,can you remember that next time we descuss occupation and invasion , that would not be hard for you to remember ,is it Graig? .And since when did you give a fuck about Iraqi Christians or Iraqis in general?your “smart” president has displaced million of Iraqis to neighboring countries,Iraq is completely destroyed which your president and his cabal wanted to accomplish in the first place,and then you go around pontificating how nice is the American invasion and occupation and in return ,you imagine and fantasise that we Arabs should be thankful to your occupation and welcome it with an open arms ,guse what Graig , ,It is not only our duty but our humanity that inspire us to resist your occupation by all means necessary


    khalid jarrar
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    lets adjust that to: commit any acts that encourage hurting innocent

    because, the first definition include prohibiting resistence, and i have to
    say that that wouldnt make it a free website but rather previosuly-directed
    one! i am one of people that support the resistence, as in using armed force
    in defneding one’s self, family and properties, and land also. that could
    unfortunatly -and i mean that, not being sarcastic- harming any army that
    occupies my country. and that would be harming others! is that what you
    meant? or does my suggested adjusted definition more express what you meant?

    Khalid Jarrar is a terrorist.

  22. Mohannad,

    Craig, none of us (Arabs or Muslims) wanted to kill the people of other faiths (Christians or any other religions), but we share their lose. You are talking baloney.

    Khalid Jarrar supports the people who kidnapped that Christian Archbishop in Mosul. Doesn’t he? Look at his own words. He’s been supporting AL Qaeda in Iraq for years, and everyone knows it. To hell with him, and to hell with any of you who support him. To hell with all Arabs who support terrorism. Hell is what you deserve and hell is what you will get.

  23. It is not only our duty but our humanity that inspire us to resist your occupation by all means necessary

    Then die, AlurduniAlhurr. But die quietly. The whining is getting tedious.. Death and destruction is what you want, and it’s what you are getting. That means you area happy camper right now, right? So why complain, scumbag?

    Craig as a Christian, I would like to say to you that you have no right to speak in my name

    Markus, you are no Christian. I saw what you said on Tololy’s blog, and on Natasha’s. You are a disgrace to Christians everywhere. And before you go and say I don’t get to decide who is a Christian and who is not, I will point out that you determined Protestants aren’t Christians, yourself. And you supported the Jordanian Christians who called Protestants “illegitimate”. What the hell kind of Christian is that, who supports Muslims when they persecute their fellow Christians? I don’t know what the hell you are, but Christian doesn’t cut it. Time for us to vote Jordanian Christians off the Island.

  24. Woofer

    Its a pity that comments from Craig and AlurduniAlhurr have ruined an otherwise intelligent discussion and that Markus gets affected by it all and gets personal – just ignore Craig as mentioned prior. A topic that could of been interesting and good for all to learn from each others point of view. A shame and a pity – and a waste of time for all – nothing is achieved.
    I wonder if there is anywhere on the net that such a discussion is possible over this crazy situation in Gaza – probably not.

  25. Rob

    To all of you.

    How is Israel suppose to respond to these rockets? They come from residential neighborhoods in Gaza, and when Israel responds with force (unfortunately) innocent people are killed. This is what Hamas wants – to paint Israel as a terrorist state. But Israel need not play their game. They can always NOT kill innocent people – they can choose to not respond unless the threat is grave.

    But until when? Israel is surrounded by hostile countries. Every threat reminds the Jewish state of the holocaust.

    We need to take a chill people people – and yes that means you too Craig. I will always support a fellow American – especially a Jarhead, but innocent people dont deserve to die – even if they are Arab/Muslim.

    As humans, we will always have differences. It does not give us the right to kill each other.

    On the note of all the Arab/Muslims who hate Americans, do you realize that we hate you just as much? That the very thought of a bearded Arab male makes most Americans very very angry? Espescially the Arabic language. When I hear an Arab male speak in Arabic, it makes me feel like I have worms crawling underneath my skin. And Islam, I dont want to talk about it.

    But, it does not mean we need to kill each other – that is what animals and savages do when they are angry. We must elevate ourselves from our primal instincts.

  26. “On the note of all the Arab/Muslims who hate Americans, do you realize that we hate you just as much?”
    Rob,,We do not hate American ,I repeat ,we do not hate American ,we hate your government foreign policy.

    “That the very thought of a bearded Arab male makes most Americans very very angry? Espescially the Arabic language. When I hear an Arab male speak in Arabic, it makes me feel like I have worms crawling underneath my skin. And Islam, I dont want to talk about it.”

    It is really mind boggling Rob,what bearded men and language have to do with hate,please give us your pearl of wisdom, acquiring mind wants to know.

  27. woofer

    I do 100 percent agree with your first paragraph – period.
    I do also add that Hamas are purposely killing thier own civillians by launching their homemade and now not so homemade – ashkalon missles from the middle of civilian targets knowing that Israel will target or try and target a.s.a.p the place of origin, as the UN knows by video footage of Hamas launching the rockets from the local UN school yard!.
    The rest of what you.. Rob said, even if thats what you are feeling really concerns me.
    where did you get these feelings from? seriously..
    When I hear the arabic language – I just dont feel any.. repeat any of your feelings..
    something must of happened to you.. and I think you should search the origin as it is just racist based on the language of a race – good or bad.

  28. Ahmad Al-Sholi

    Unfortunately, dispair is eating us up.

    Remember that a cycle has to take its full round.
    Remember that philosophy was our flourishing base.
    Remember that Palestine and Lebanon was lost once before to foriegners for more that a 100 year.
    Remember that Iraq was occupied many times and managed to stand up as the master it was.

    We have to believe that in 20 years, niether Palestine or Iraq might be free, nor lebanon or sudan settled, or Jordan and Syria flourishing as they should.. to understand that we are the generation required to make amendments and corrections for the followers to carry on from and to build upon.

  29. woofer

    I like the ditti from Ahmad Al-Sholi.. really I do.
    if you wrote it your self… can you elaborate the ” amendments and corrections” bit..?
    I am really curious.

  30. Rob,

    I think it is absolutely pathetic that you are trying to sound like the rational one here, I mean I personally do not believe you at all because you sound fake. I think if you had the chance to kill Arabs/Muslims then you would do it in a blink.

    The reason why the so-called Israel is hated is not because it is surrounded by terrorist states, but because it stole other people’s land and lives. What would you do if the so-called Israel invaded your state, destroyed everything (Companies, banks, schools, universities, churches … etc), took away your job, killed your family, and made you live in a daily and contstant fear of dying? It would be complete and total torture, and I do not think you will be thrilled! Do NOT speak of what you do NOT know, because you only make yourself sound bad and utterly stupid.

    You make it look like the Palestinians in Gaza and other parts of Palestine are armed with the latest weapons and represent great danger, when in fact all they have is basically nothing compared to what the so-called Israel and America (Backing the so-called Israel up) have. If you are scared of a bunch of rocks or some guns they you are a coward and so is everyone else who kills children, women, and elderly only because they enjoy killing. They are MURDERERS who have no reason to live.

    And by the way, how racist are you not to mention dumb?! There are Arabs who are Christian just like there are Muslims. The fact that someone speaks Arabic does not make him/her a terrorist. Consequently, a bearded person does not want you to kill you. Grow and develop some mind of your own instead of being brainwashed by the media.

  31. woofer

    good on you Hala.
    I really do agree with most of what you said as you backed up with what I said.
    my faith in this discussion has been resurrected!

  32. Rob


    Most of the 9/11 terrorists were Arab Muslims, do I need to say more? And why is hatred after 9/11 not a natural feeling for an American?

    Hatred in itself is not rational. It does not mean that 9/11 gives us the right to kill “every Arab/Muslim male” – but it is only natural to have atleast “some” of these feelings.

    I cannot emphasize more, that killing of innocent people by any state (the US or Israel) is wrong!

    AlurduniAlhurr – The beared Arab/Muslim male epitomizes everything that 9/11 was about. They they can rationalize the act of driving planes into our buildings. They are trying to make us afraid in our own country – and threatening our way of life. If we allow Mosques to be built in the US, and we use our tax dollars to fund students from Arab/Muslim countries, why wont you let us build churches in Islamic countries? Why is their an asymmetry in our tolerance of each other? Also, the “leader” of the Islamic world – Saudi Arabia still cuts of the hands of people for stealing. Now you tell me, in the year 2008, what is a human being going to make of people in that country?

    To me, the Islamic rhetoric is scary, that they will kill the same socio-economic forces that are going to cause Americans to correct the Bush fiasco (by voting Barack Obama to power). You see, 9/11 did to us, what Israel does to you. You have made us rally behind a guy like Bush and we all know the bad things he has done in Iraq.

    Hala – we have no argument on Israel’s occupation. Israel’s occupation is wrong. We are in agreement. I know more about the Arab world then you probably know about the western world. I have red plenty about the Laventine culture, Islam and the history of that region. And yes, I know about zionism, its origins, the haganah, and the founding of Israel as well.

    Hala, I ask you to ask yourself, our media might be biased, but your sheikhs dont potray your people in very good light. The bin laden group got rich building mosques? A white guy would ask, is that even a real business? Compare that to our most recent economic success – google? It makes us feel like your people live in the stone age – and that the wahhabi style of Islam in Saudi Arabia (the apparent leader of the Muslim world) wants to take us all back to the 6th century. I understand Jordan is different, and that women can drive in Jordan (like that is a huge leap for mankind).

    You should take a look at the leaders in that region before you condemn Bush. You call The Quran an education on running a state???? Cmon people this is the year 2008. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE – all of these countries have “kings” who lived their youth just like Britney Spears lived hers. And when they are 60, they renounce the western way and take on grand titles like “The custodian of the two holy mosques”. There is a famous picture of King Abdulla in his youth (of Saudi Arabia) walking out of a casino in Paris with two beautiful women. Now he is somehow the “spiritual” leader of the Islamic world?

    Hala – ofcourse I know there are Arab Christians. I also know that your people (Sunni Muslims) in Lebanon have driven out some of them with their long civil war, and that some of these people have come to the US.

  33. American Political Scientist Norman Finkelstein: “Israel Has to Suffer a Defeat”
    رأس أسرائيل يجب أن يتكسر للوصول الي سلام،،كلام في منتها الاهميه لدكتور نورمن فنكلستين المخضرم

  34. Rob


    Dont call us cowards. It is your people that came to our country, used our own planes, and got trained on our soil, and killed 4000 of my fellow Americans. Cowardly sons of bitches didnt have the balls to engage us in a real war. And you have the nerve to call us cowards? If Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Armitage had their way, people in your country would be shredded with our high altitude bombers with no loss of American life.

    The cowardly thing to do would be what my redneck buddy says “We should bomb those f*** camel jockeys back to the stone age”. Just so you know, when he says “Camel Jockey” he referring to Arab Muslims. The cowardly thing to do would be to pulverize the whole of the middle east with our superior military??? You really think 300 million Arabs with their Quran in one hand and an AK-47 in another hand would stand a chance against the US military in a conventional war?

    The righteous thing to do is to not shut off the human being inside, not give in to the feelings of hatred, and feel the pain that is caused by the death of innocent people in Gaza and target the pain into action.

    The right thing to do is the be a human being *first* and an American next.

    Roba – you say you feel helpless? Here’s what *I* am doing. I have given the maximum allowable donation to Barack Obama’s campaign ($2300). 2300 dollars is a lot of money for me, but I *really* think it is money well spent – considering the innocent lives that have been killed in Iraq. I have been making phone calls since morning to help the Obama campaign, so he can be the next President of the US. Hopefully, the moderate voices in our country will put us back on a corrective path.


  35. First of all, Roba,why did you delet my comment? second of all here is my comment again American Political Scientist Norman Finkelstein: “Israel Has to Suffer a Defeat”

  36. Roba
    Thanx for what I consider post of the year

    Shutt the f… off, I won’t even bother myself to write you an answer.

  37. Rob,

    You continue to miss out on the main point: The US has been an ally for the so-called Israel such a long period of time. It has done many wrong things -backing the so-called Israel up is enough really- but no one has the courage to say a word because the US is the most powerful nation on the planet. However, it does not mean that I have to sit back, relax, and watch the corrupted government grow more corrupted as it is led by a dumbshit called George Bush and his likes. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are not any better. It is all a mask and we both know that both candidates are pro-Israel. Take a look here

    Now, you should know that Osama Bin Laden does not represent the true Islam. He killed innocent people and he should be punished. What most Americans fail to understand is that just because a person is male Arab Muslim bearded does not mean that he is a killer. Growing a beard is just something males are encouraged to do as part of the Islamic religion. What is more wrong than 9/11 is having George Bush invade Iraq and lie about the reason behind the invasion. You see he thinks he is smart, which sucks for him, but we all know he issued an order to invade Iraq because of the oil, and because he wanted to have more control over the Middle East region. I assure you, you have no idea what is happening in Iraq. We watch TV and hear about the poor soldiers who lost their lives (No not because of Iraqi martyrs but because of the war itself and the sole technique of action and reaction or defense), but we do not hear about the baby who lived for a day before he was shot, the child who lost a leg, the girl whose head blew off, the woman who was raped by an American soldier, the man who had to be humiliated and beaten in front of his family, the elderly couple who could not even walk without a stick yet were killed viciously. OOOH beware of the elderly couple, they might attack with a stick. I am being sarcastic here in case you have doubts. Hundreds of innocent civilians were murdered. You wanted to get back at us for 9/11, you did so and more, now you can get the hell out of there! No? I guess the American government has another agenda.

    You should read about Islam; you are criticizing Saudi Arabia for cutting people’s wrists off as a punishment for stealing. Well, what you do not know is that the percentage of crimes is noticeably low compared to other countries. I just read that in the US, using state-by-state data, reports indicate that 2,319,258 Americans were in jail or prison at the start of 2008. One out of every 99.1 adults, more than one in 100 adults. Whether per capita or in raw numbers, it is more than any other nation. It is becoming more scary by the day while Saudi Arabis is considered a safe place. You asked a good question about the reason churches are not allowed in Muslim nations, and your answer is that it is forbidden in Islam. We do respect you as people from a different religion, but there is only this much that we can do for you. The US, on the other hand, does not have an announced religion. It tolerates people from all religions and allows them to practice their religious duties freely.

    Be sure that we do not live in the Stone Age, it just seems to you like we do because you need to watch more documentaries and read more about different parts of the world if you can. It has nothing to do with Islam or Sheikhs, but we have less factors of success (Uncontrollable) and as a result, we advance at a slower rate. And by the way, not anyone who wants to announce himself as a Sheikh is one. You need to be careful who you talk to, and then you will know that they are portraying us right. You just need to look at the right direction. I could not care less about leaders. Leaders are people and they make mistakes. I am talking about what Islam is doing for us, and it is doing us good as long as people stop misinterpreting it.

    Finally, all I know is that Palestinians are braver than everyone and anyone on planet Earth. They have been living in misery for God knows how long, yet they refuse to give up and surrender. They are fighters because they have their dignity. Discussing Palestinian issues here is one thing, but experiencing them is another. I give you my word, the so-called Israel will NOT get peace until the children of Palestine do.

  38. Ahmad Al-Sholi


    Briefly and without extended lines, looking at the arab history I believe the main collapse happened during the second half of the ottman empire, when colonial ambitions took over social/science flourishment.
    Having the arab revoult constrained after world war 1 by the mighty english/french “empires” and scattered the independence/development fragile plans to the many small arab countries we have today. On top of that, establishment of Israel and all the raging conflict.
    I believe that this all is a continued series of defeat that we failed to succeed at, and left the generations aging frustrations with all the complexities and the ignored social aspect of human beings on top of it.

    My point is that we -the public pulse- still are looking for the magic potent to solve our problems, and still are minimizing our day to day issues.

    We want democracy, but we fail to identify it.

    We discourage governmental plans, out of doubt and not scrutiny.

    We condeme corruption, but we practice it daily “each on his/her own level”.

    We aim development, but we are not liberal.

    We praise science, but very irrational.

    We claim religion, but only use it.

    I am a patriotic arab, and believe that none of our hopes will realize if those amendments are not happening. And if they realize without, they are empty.

  39. Rob


    Again, you are harping on the obvious. I dont like Bush either, and I have done everything possible can to make him go away. What have you done to change the leadership of the middle east? Have you risked anything? Have you donated money to a political cause that helps democracy in Jordan?

    > However, it does not mean that I have to sit back, > relax, and watch the corrupted government grow
    > more corrupted as it is led by a dumbshit called
    > George Bush and his likes. Barack Obama and
    > Hillary Clinton are not any better.

    Compared to who? Your Ulema??? Or the harems? If the US’ form of governing a nation is really that bad, can you show me a better example? Barack Obama has a degree in political science from Columbia. He has led the life that he preaches. Show me a single soul in the Arab governments that is worthy of a conversation?

    Now, on the US support of Israel, we have tried to rectify some of our biases until the Palestinians started the second intifada. Bill Clinton tried his best to bring peace in the last days of his presidency. These things take time, and while the Palestinians are suffering, dont forget that the Jews suffered for 2000 years. Also, the creation of Israel was the blessed by the imperialist UK, not the US.

    You talk about the US like it is this evil country, what about the Russians who killed millions of Afghans? It is unfortunate that the Palestinians were on the “other” side of the cold war, but some of the US’ policies on Israel are based on its cold war with the USSR. If you read articles about the Yom Kippor war, the Russians backed most of the Arab countries.

    > Now, you should know that Osama Bin Laden does
    > not represent the true Islam.

    I disagree. If you sample Muslims as a population, you will find that they are much less tolerant of other religions than Christians. What you do in your house (lock your women up, or cover them with a burqa) is none of my business, but I am no more an infidel with 22 children from god knows how many wives.

    You think we came to Iraq for the oil????? You are *really* badly informed. The US tax payer has shelled out a trillion dollars for the war in Iraq. The US government has in essence borrowed money from my social security savings, my children’s social security savings and potentially my grand children’s as well. We are paying for a war that costs $12 billion/week. Not your oil! Again, just because we pay for the war, it does not justify killing an innocent Iraqi person.

    On the US support of Israel, some of it is a sense of kinship that we feel towards Israel because of shared values. They are a democratic free market economy just like us. The Arab nations are monarchies with no separation of religion and government which is viewed as “primitive” by our Congress and government. This does not in any way justify the killing, occupation or suffering of the children of Palestine, but is a stark contrast to the founding principles of America. Israel is like your brilliant little nephew who worked hard all his/her life, and now has landed a plum job after defying all odds.

    > I give you my word, the so-called Israel will NOT
    > get peace until the children of Palestine do.

    This is meaningless. The whole point of my case is that we elevate ourselves from the hatred within.

    I too feel the same hatred towards Arab Muslims. Is it ok for me to act on my hatred and and say that Palestine will be wiped out if a single American is ever harmed by a Muslim terrorist? And belv me, the rage is very real on my side as well. As I recapitulate the lines from Daniel Pearl’s widow’a book, I am overcome with grief and a steadfast resolve to wipe out every entity (country, people, organization, religion) that has murdered a poster child of American moderation. All Daniel Pearl wanted to do was to tell a story. His father is a professor at a University – who even *today* works on a peace initiative between Jews and Muslims. Compare that to the people that lost their children in your part of the world? They behead people and take videos?

    I will conclude by saying this. While I undoubtedly support peace over war, I sense that the animosity between our respective cultures will not abate in the near future, and I will always support a strong military in the US.


  40. Rob,

    I am going to skip everything that has to do with Islam in your last comment because you do not know anything about it, so instead of getting it wrong and since I cannot explain it all to you in a single comment, it would be a better idea if you do some Googling and educate yourself about it – in case you are interested. I will repeat that Osama Bin Laden does not represent true Islam. We might seem less tolerant to you because you simply do not know enough about us. Or we might actually be less tolerant in a good way, which is something you would not get. Even if I were to explain it, you would not get it because in your mind you already despise Islam. Do not tell me about statistics and polls and studies, I only care about what was written in the Quran —> True Islam.

    The only reason I am picking on the US and not Russia for example is because the US is the most powerful nation on Earth and what happens in it influences the rest of the world. Also, the US brags about being all democratic but at the same time we see many unfair and unjust actions. So the point is, practice what you preach. However, I do not hate the US. In fact, I love it. I live here by the way (Texas). I just do not agree with the American government. Why I cannot make a significant change in my country is a question you already answered; we are a monarchy and that means it is harder to make a change. It could happen on the long run though.

    Finally, I am not an evil person who wants to spread hatred. Do not tell me the US supports Israel because they both share a similar market. You might want to know that Islam and Judaism are so very close and Arabs and Jews do share many similar aspects regarding religious issues. Yet I am just another Arab/Muslim who got hurt by the so-called Israel. I am not against Jews, I am against Zionists. You cannot keep hitting me and then when I hit you back call me a bad person. The same scenario applies here. The so-called Israel started what it started and unless they fix it the shitty situation will go on and you cannot blame us for our REactions based on the so-called Israel’s actions.

    Side note about the war in Iraq, even if I want to go along with you and believe it was only started because of 9/11, you have no right to invade a country, destroy all signs of civilization, kill innocent people and REMAIN there for God knows what reason. I mean it brings us back to the point that the US is all about democracy and peace but its army is in different parts of the world. Doing what? Certainly not on vacation.

    Have a good one

  41. ghaza is not the only city that will be destroyed if we keep on this way & asalam alekom

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