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The Guide to Lacing

Quite honestly, I’d take a pair of laceless sneakers any day over laces, yet when I came upon this guide, I grinned anyway. Shoe Lacing, the website of Ian Fieggen (aka Professor Shoelace), is probably the best shoelace website in the universe. [via, hat-tip Tarik]

Some lacing ideas:








And my favorites:



Wow. Gorgeous. Fore more, check out the website.

For a tasty fact, remove & lick

Welch’s is taking out full-page print ads in People magazine this month that give readers a chance to sample its grape juice by licking the ad. The front of the advertisement shows a huge bottle of the juice, while the back has a strip that peels up and off, with text that reads: “For a TASTY fact, remove & LICK.” [link]


While scent technology — such as scratch-and-sniff ads or fragrant ink
— is commonplace in magazines, lickable ads are still in the
experimental stages.

I think if I bought the magazine, I’d most definitely not be able to resist trying it out. Would you?

Pixel Evolution

This little infograph traces the evolution of Nintendo charachters, from side-view pixel people to horrendously details 3D figurines. I am personally very fascinated by how drastically animation has developed in the past century. I mean, even Disney shut down their 2D studios (which sucks, I think). I wonder if the 3D fad will ever fade, or if it will be plastered in with the years. Will anyone ever look at Beauty and the Beast with vintage amusement?

Before the 18

1. Dye your hair a crazy color. A week ago, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair dyed and cut, and I asked for bright red. The colorist went into a fit, saying that bright red is a hideous, hideous color for hair. Offended, I told him that I wore my hair pink for a while. He asked, “How old were you?” I said, “Seventeen.” He said, “You can do anything when you’re seventeen, but you can’t when you’re older.”

2. Get as many piercings as you can. I fondly remember when my ears were pierced to death, until they got infected at seventeen and I had to do away with all but three-an-ear.

3. Spend your entire summer vacation sleeping in till 5:00 PM.

4. Get insanely passionate about something unrealistic and freak everyone out getting really cheesy about it.

5. Figure out what something important to anchor to, ex. what you love in life, delve deeper about God, etc.

Tagged by Dave.

Can’t really think of many, as I think that 18 isn’t as important as 21. I can think of a whole list of things you need to do before you finish college, but not many before you turn 18. Can you think of any? If you can, please share your comments or blog about it yourself.

Ballerino Dreams

Twenty years later, the ballerino dreams have faded into convict-like mugshot gazes (is that a mullet?!).

The Revolutionary Shoemaker

This ad is about Adi Dassler, the creator of Adidas. It’s interesting, but I guess I’d expect something better, more informative, and more original from Adidas about their very own Adi.

[via 2:48 AM]

Scrabbled up


For those who really love Scrabble, here’s a really edible idea, from the designers Mary & Matt. [via]

Figure Evolution

The guys over at Neatorama have put up a post illustrating the evolution of tech companies’ logos. Some of theses evolutions are things we can trace in our recent memory, others are much older. Some of them were good shots, others were not.

Adobe System:

I think I like the one in the middle the best.

Apple Inc.

I really hare that they got rid of the rainbow.


I’m really glad they got rid of the whole “primitive” concept.


Ok, so the truth is, I really hate the Google logo.


Great revolution, I think. I love the transparent, clean look of current IBM logo.


Microsoft is one of those logos that I remember from a very young age- I mean, how I can forget the first time I ever sat on a computer, waiting for the black screen with the Microsoft logo to unveil what a computer is?


Xerox seem to love changing their logo. My favorite is the 2004 one. I absolutely dislike their latest logo, which looks cliche and very in line with other tech logos like Sony Ericsson.

For more logo revolutions, including Firefox, Palm, Nortel, Nokia, among others, check out the Neatorama post here.

In your face

According to AP, Yahoo is going to reject Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid. Woohoo. The internet is safe again. For now. [link]

Anyway, here’s a really cool little PDF file with a list of who owns what online. Microsoft doesn’t really own much, in terms of amount and relevance, while Yahoo probably has the most valuable owns. Google has a long list, but I think that Pyra and Picassa are the only two on the list that were great investments. The IAC seems to own some greatly popular websites.

An upcoming end to the Writer’s Strike

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I hate to admit this, but I’m very glad they’re done with all that cause I’m addicted to Lost.

There, I said it.

[link via 2:48AM via toot]

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