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The world in social networks

Here’s another little cool infograph that represents the most popular social networking sites in the world. Most of the Arab world is blank save for Jordan (Facebook), Lebanon (Facebook), Egypt (Facebook), Tunisia (Hi5), Kuwait (Hi5) and the UAE(Facebook).


Just say hi


And before Web 2.0, there was…


  1. hah! interesting..

  2. ehh, guess only me uses myspace ! :s, i hate social networking, ! an online bar the guys uses to look for single girls setting there waiting for a drink or sth !

  3. Ayyob

    It’s much more than that…if you make it out to be.
    I mean I think Facebook is the most genius Idea anyone’s had for quite a while. It allows me to stay in touch with alooooot of people with very little time on my hands. And stay less in touch with people who I dont care for as much (rather than email or calling). Facebook is great because it makes it difficult for people to do what m7md is reffering to.
    Dont get me wrong…It can be the biggest waste of time…if you decide to make it so.
    I say give it about 6 more months and facebook will dominate the states as well as the rest of North America.
    Why are some countries blank. like China Saudi and other gulf countries?

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