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And before Web 2.0, there was…

Here’s an awesome list of the world before Web 2.0 via CopyBrighter. For more details check out Copy Brighter.

1. Before YouTube… there was “America’s Funniest Home Video”

2. Before Twitter… there was IRC.

3. Before blogs… there were ‘zines.


4. Before podcasts… there were codelines.


5. Before blogrolls and comments… there were web rings and guest books.

6. Before Facebook… there was the 20th annual high school reunion.


7. Before Skype… there were k0dez and bridges.


8. Before eBay… there was the pawn shop.

9. Before the iPhone… there was the PayPhone.

10. Before P2P file sharing… there was Columbia House Records.

11. Before Craigslist… there was the men’s room wall.

12. Before Digg… there was your local newspaper’s “Top Stories of the Year” issue.


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  1. 13. Before Web 2.0… the world was fucked up.

    I still can’t believe that there was a live before the internet. Strange.

  2. Very interesting,informative and well put together.

  3. Very interesting, informative and well put together.

  4. mmm good times.

    All I needed in life was IRC,redbox , and a payphone and I had all the fun in the world.

  5. I hate to say it, but computers were a lot more fun (for me) before the internet. Even the games were more fun. Developers have gotten so damned lazy… it’s all about just providing a few tools and letting users provider their own content now. Only problem is that 99.9% of users have the creativity of a house plant.

    Maybe Web 3.0 will offer the best of both worlds.

  6. crazy world…we keep wondering how amman was before cell phones and sms…at this pace, I wonder were the world is going too

  7. before prophets there was a better world

  8. Roba,

    Lately, you have been posting a lot of unoriginal stuff! What is going on? Blogger block? Ran out of gas? I know they raised their prices in Jordan. But, I am sure you can squeeze out some talent to masses.

  9. Mab3oos, wow, I was just thinking about that when I saw your comment!

  10. ha ha ha on the youtube one… =)

  11. mo

    before the iPod there were mix tapes / cds hehe

  12. Hal

    I used to be a Columbia House whore. :D I went crazy ordering CDs from them and having them shipped to my house in Canada! I MISS THAT.

  13. Totally loved that comparison!
    Reminded me of the 90’s TV shows! Before Friends there was 90210 and Saved by the bell and before Grey’s Anatomy there was GENERAL HOSPITAL! :)

  14. thanks for leaving Debbie’s number

  15. Tarek

    I don’t understand what does Web 2.0 has to do with this.

    Youtube, podcasts, skype, iphone, ebay, p2p (although torrent is the hype now), and craigslist have nothing to do with it.

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