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Feelings going around this February

Changing Tides
Omar is kinda sick of anticipating.
Hiba is Amazed yet Shocked !
Sama’ is thinking.
David ponders.
Nick is ready to go boldly into the world.
Rama need a change :S.
Tareq is shifting areas.
Yosra is excited, nervous, excited, happy, happy.
Ola is battling some of those same old doubts and insecurities.
Alaa I Neeed a Change!!!
Naseem is waiting on the world to change.

Beginning of the month
Ola is happy :)
Mahmoud is having a great time :)
Asil LOVIN’ iT !
Sara is so in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Mona is sooooo happy her leeeeen is with her!!
Kareem is feeling so dame go00od ; ).
Husam is stumbling with happiness.

Super Tuesday
Mohamed is following the results of Super Tuesday (well, Super Wednesday, technically, it’s already tomorrow here…)
Biesan is concerned about Hillary’s status.
Nour is هيلاري قاعدتلي على أعصابي.
Sherien is on her way to vote.
Farah is elated! it’s super tuesday..go hillary
Fares is going to see Hillary Clinton tomorrow. I’d rather see Hayfa Wahbi but Hillary is OK.

Shadi LOST season 4 has begun …
Jeff just received the heating bill, and has determined that it will actually be cheaper to burn rolls of $5 bills from now on…
Lulwa is missing her gauloises amigo gucci-communist phase.

September and the summer is over
The end of August
Weekend Update
Beginning of January


And it’s time again… Oscar outfit frenzy


The world is your playground


  1. Nas

    loooool this is one of the most creative things you’ve put on your blog! what a mind :-D

  2. Nas

    …and im still waiting on the world to change dammit!

  3. Well, Nas, it’s all about how you bring it to an end ;-)

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