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Radio War 2.0

I always thought of Beat FM as a Play 99.6 knock off, complete with a hideous brand and terrible music. Looking back now, I don’t think I ever gave their music much interest because I could never get my mind off one of the worst billboards in the history of Amman’s advertisements, which was displayed on Safeway Shmesani for a very long time a few years ago.

I guess the dudes at Beat realized that their brand was bad and gave it a pretty cool makeover. I personally love it, it instantly transformed the radio channel into hip, young, energetic and experimental as far as I’m concerned. Does anyone know who rebranded it? Let’s hope Mood is next!

The old brand:

The new brand:




And it’s time again… Oscar outfit frenzy


  1. Mood used to be a lot better when they first started… with a focus on oldies and 80’s music. Once they started playing all kinds of sappy romantic tunes, old and new, with an emphasis on cheesiness, they kinda lost their original identity.

    I think we need a new radio station for alternative music, jazz, and experimental stuff… something that does not aim to please as many people as possible, but satisfy the thirst of those who cannot listen to any of the existing stations!!

  2. Snowbar cast

    (Thank you gay people for stealing the rainbow)

    By the way,
    Someone should tell Mood FM that when you invest in huge billboards with Gorilla’s a and stuff…(although I have no idea what the hell is up with the whole “national geographic” theme)…it does not hurt to mention the freakin frequency of your radio station!

  3. I love the new logo … I wonder if its a local branding agency who did …

    Lina, I think we need a new Radio station for electronic music and also Rock …

  4. the new brad is all over amman…i loved it but i don’t like the station they never play rock & alternative…i demand a radio station that speaks the language of rock
    and alternative and focus on it…
    i did like there latest move about Desert rock though…they’re giving us a chance to go to desert rock festival in UAE..the best and most amazing one in the middle east
    hope i win..

  5. Well, since I don’t live in Jordan, I’ve never actually listened to them, so can’t really comment on their content. As for the logos, I find that the old one looks like a cheesy album cover for a one-hit-wonder 80s band. As for the new one, I agree that it’s an improvement. Unfortunately, it looks like a million other logos I’ve seen before. And though I initially was going to pose a question regarding Snowbar cast’s comment as to how it is possible to “steal” a rainbow, I see that a very similar design was used to advertise Ljubljana’s gay pride parade in 2002.

  6. mo

    i dont like it so much .. but its def better than the old one

  7. ouh! I mentioned ur post after i published mine … ill gonna update it and link you out.

    Anyway, i guess they aint worrying about Play as much as they are about the new stations coming to town such as Energy FM and Communicorp’s Spin FM.

    lina, I totally agree with you, and i posted about it back when this was felt, and called it “a change in a mood!”

  8. i say B for brilliant

  9. mo

    not so much … but its def better than the old one

  10. change always is a good idea ,and your are lucky as you have many stations to choose from compared to our only MixFM:)

  11. Hi..
    Nice blog Roba.
    I tag you.. “write 6 things a person should know before turning 18” and tag others.
    Take care.

  12. Finally, the old one was BAD. I like the new one :)

  13. Snowbar cast, if you have the slightest knowledge in colours you’d understand and know that the combination they’re using is NOT a rainbow. lol

    it’s the oh so glorious CMYK, and I think they did a brilliant job!
    I love it on so many levels, finally someone’s doing a good job in Jordan :P

  14. I was just going to say it is CMYK to Snowbar… omar arrived earlier!

  15. how did you find the old logo.. i tried to look for it but i could not..:)

  16. Bardees

    I like the new logo alot, and I agree that Mood Fm should be next,it’s one my favourite stations,but the logo seriously needs a huge upgrade!

  17. Well, I think it’s a Ridiculous brand and doesn’t deserve all this “re-branding” campaign, unless we take into consideration that the company that owns the radio station also own the 4X3 billboards, (and this shows decrease in billboards advertising demand).
    The new brand is good for pre-press services center or a press, or even printing equipment fair. Defiantly NOT a radio station logo.
    Also a good brand should be clearly implemented successfully on the whole station advertising materials, and this is impossible in a station like beat FM

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