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This wall was made from 7,200 bananas. I love the texture and curvature, it’s just so cool. It’s part of artist Stefan Sagmeister’s exhibition
“Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far.” [link via BB]




Radio War 2.0


  1. Wonder how many those would feed

    Cliche. I know :)

  2. and in the news today: NYC was attacked by 70 thousand hungry monkeys

  3. hhhhhhhhhh
    7set 7ali 2erd:D men wen jaybeen kol hadool???

  4. ayyob

    That looks better than i would expect a wall of 7200 bananas to look

  5. monky loves bannanas !
    o 3a 2olet abu lo6fy , jabak el mooz ya 2erd/e :P

  6. Morrissey

    How did he put the bananas in the base?! and still holding all the other bananas! it doesnt make sense to me! :)

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