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Designer (aka Assaf): “Booma shoes are cool, they’re gorgeous.”
Reef: “It’s Puma you idiot.”
Designer (aka Assaf): “I’m not the idiot you loser, English is the idiot. It’s such a stupid language. WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY HAVE TWO LETTERS THAT ARE EXACTLY THE SAME?! It’s sooo stupid. It’s like having light red and slightly lighter red in the same brand. That’s shitty branding. It’s confusing. What the hell.”


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  1. publicfacing

    The man thought he had chicken pox, so he sat in a box.

    The purp’ let out a loud burp.

    See, p and b arreeen’t the same.

    Leave my language alone. ;)

  2. haha this guy is my hero

  3. However, Puma is a German company – and the word is German, where there’s only one way to write “u”.
    How stupid, btw, is Arabic? Why the hell are there four ways to write each single letter? ;-)

  4. well, if he was speaking arabic, then he should say buma insted of puma ! because there is no P in arabic .. DUH !
    its like, when the english say mhmd instead of m7md ! , or the israelis say mkhamd !
    but, meh .. he is speaking english in the text !

  5. khalid jarrar

    hehehehe very funny. And i also discovered that most people here cant yfar2o il J min il G, they read them both G

    i was asking for the swift code of my bank, i called the bank and the guy was ymalleeniyyah, and one of the letters in it is J, and he of course read it G, imagine the money wiring mess one could go through as a result of such an innocent mistakes!

  6. Assaf is funny. He’s completely wrong on this one, but hilarious nonetheless :)

  7. Two letters that are exactly the same? You mean like the Arabic ‘7’ and ‘h’ and ‘kh’? :P

  8. I mean, its ok if arabs said b and p the same way, its how non-arabs say d and ‘9 the same way, or maybe s and 9 , we never make fun of them .. we just ROFL :P jk
    anyway, I guess its no big deal to make such a mistake (:

  9. pring my pag, it’s plue with a drawing of a pa2ara on it

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