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On Winning

Iraqi captain Younis Mahmoud lifts the Asian Cup

And so this year, the Iraqis won the Asian Cup and the Egyptians won the African Cup. The commentator yesterday was going crazy over that. Well, mabrook to both the Iraqis and the Egyptians, who have both finally given us Arabs something to enjoy. I wish I captured the energy at the little corner cafe in Shmesani as the watchers yelled, shouted, and threw advice at the television, until everyone finally jumped and started clapping and cheering when Abou Treika put in that winning goal.

I hope they both have good luck at the World Cup qualifiers.


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  1. Thank you for this post. I wonder if you have pics of the Egyptian celebrations in Amman and whether you can compare it to the Iraqi celebration in Amman, shed some light on the differences between the two?

  2. Cam

    Thank you Ruba .

  3. Ayyob

    mabrook for Egypt

  4. Abbas, I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures. The Iraqi community in Amman, which is mainly prosperous, is exactly the opposite of the Egyptian community in Amman, which is made up of construction workers and gardeners. So yeah, the Iraqi celebration was definitely more lofty.

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