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On January

The most amusing thing about my January was the weather. Never have I seen Amman wrestling with such degrees, such fog, such sleet.


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The day after the storm




  1. NT

    Can you plz upload the photos through ikbis instead of flickr ? flickr is banned in the UAE :S

  2. the photo with the tree and street light is magical.

    Actually, a lot of the photos have such magical light… and it’s interesting to note that January had less food photos than all other months =P

  3. Wow Roba,

    So many photos… I love the shoes one actually :) it is very Roba…

  4. Roba,

    So many photos during last few days… some of them are particularly beautiful…. I like the shoes one… it is very Roba :)

  5. Kuwaiti dude in Jordan

    it’s frustrating working with gulf ppl..:'(

  6. Jad

    lovely cat


    As a daily reader of your blog.
    am so disappointed by the msg:

    “it’s frustrating working with gulf ppl”

  8. Kuwaiti Dude in Jordan and Turki, don’t take it too personally, it wasn’t me who said that! :)

  9. Kuwaiti dude in Jordan

    noo noo im not taking personally at all..actually it was kind of funny cause he’s the wining type..the sad crying face was for the guy who sent the msg..meaning “boo with it:P”

  10. the word in the picture that is preventing spam says it best:

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