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Debunking the geek myth

The prototypical computer whiz of popular imagination — pasty, geeky, male — has failed to live up to his reputation. Research shows that among the primary creators of Web content (blogs, graphics, photographs, web sites) are not your typical geek stereotype, but actually, teenage girls.

A study published in December by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that among Web users ages 12 to 17, significantly more girls than boys blog (35 percent of girls compared with 20 percent of boys) and create or work on their own Web pages (32 percent of girls compared with 22 percent of boys). Girls also eclipse boys when it comes to building or working on Web sites for other people and creating profiles on social networking sites (70 percent of girls 15 to 17 have one, versus 57 percent of boys 15 to 17).

Video posting was the sole area in which boys outdid girls: boys are almost twice as likely as girls to post video files. This is not because girls are not proficient users of the technology, Professor Palfrey said. He suggested, rather, that videos are often less about personal expression and more about impressing others. It’s an ideal way for members of a subculture — skateboarders, snowboarders — to demonstrate their athleticism, he said.

[via NYT]

And before Web 2.0, there was…

Here’s an awesome list of the world before Web 2.0 via CopyBrighter. For more details check out Copy Brighter.

1. Before YouTube… there was “America’s Funniest Home Video”

2. Before Twitter… there was IRC.

3. Before blogs… there were ‘zines.


4. Before podcasts… there were codelines.


5. Before blogrolls and comments… there were web rings and guest books.

6. Before Facebook… there was the 20th annual high school reunion.


7. Before Skype… there were k0dez and bridges.


8. Before eBay… there was the pawn shop.

9. Before the iPhone… there was the PayPhone.

10. Before P2P file sharing… there was Columbia House Records.

11. Before Craigslist… there was the men’s room wall.

12. Before Digg… there was your local newspaper’s “Top Stories of the Year” issue.

The world in social networks

Here’s another little cool infograph that represents the most popular social networking sites in the world. Most of the Arab world is blank save for Jordan (Facebook), Lebanon (Facebook), Egypt (Facebook), Tunisia (Hi5), Kuwait (Hi5) and the UAE(Facebook).

Just say hi

Pretty cool interface is the only reason I’m sharing this.

60% Geek

The world is your playground

It started with shoes, furniture, and computers, now, you can customize your very own “wakaleh” car. Volkswagen and their outsourcers have been busy during the past 6 months designing and building the brand new Volkswagen UK site that allows you to customize your car before you buy.

Nifty stuff.

Feelings going around this February

Changing Tides
Omar is kinda sick of anticipating.
Hiba is Amazed yet Shocked !
Sama’ is thinking.
David ponders.
Nick is ready to go boldly into the world.
Rama need a change :S.
Tareq is shifting areas.
Yosra is excited, nervous, excited, happy, happy.
Ola is battling some of those same old doubts and insecurities.
Alaa I Neeed a Change!!!
Naseem is waiting on the world to change.

Beginning of the month
Ola is happy :)
Mahmoud is having a great time :)
Asil LOVIN’ iT !
Sara is so in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Mona is sooooo happy her leeeeen is with her!!
Kareem is feeling so dame go00od ; ).
Husam is stumbling with happiness.

Super Tuesday
Mohamed is following the results of Super Tuesday (well, Super Wednesday, technically, it’s already tomorrow here…)
Biesan is concerned about Hillary’s status.
Nour is هيلاري قاعدتلي على أعصابي.
Sherien is on her way to vote.
Farah is elated! it’s super tuesday..go hillary
Fares is going to see Hillary Clinton tomorrow. I’d rather see Hayfa Wahbi but Hillary is OK.

Shadi LOST season 4 has begun …
Jeff just received the heating bill, and has determined that it will actually be cheaper to burn rolls of $5 bills from now on…
Lulwa is missing her gauloises amigo gucci-communist phase.

September and the summer is over
The end of August
Weekend Update
Beginning of January

And it’s time again… Oscar outfit frenzy

Nothing much has changed since last year. I didn’t watch the Oscar-nominated bunch of movies for 2008, and I didn’t hear of 96% of them either (though for honesty’s sake, I did watch and love Ratatouille). I also do not watch the Oscars in my life, as I cannot think of anything more boring to kill a few hours of my year on [Oscar surprise face].

While I might not care for who grabbed an Oscar, I do love to see what the happy, shiny people wore to the red carpet. It always proves the same old something; if you don’t have taste, you really can’t work it together, no matter how many stylists style you, how much money you have, if its Gucci or Chanel, or how many Oscars line up your shelf at home.

And now for Hollywood’s plastic wonder people…

The Went-to-the-Oscars-Drunk Group:

I’m afraid I have no idea who this is, but it doesn’t matter, because she’s trying to look like a MERMAID. I hope she keeps this dress for next year’s Halloween party, because I haven’t seen anyone dressed as Little Mermaid in a while.
Check out the green lady behind her too, who’s dressed out like a little teacup. I know Disney had some limelight yesterday with they’re brilliant Ratatouille, but that is not a good enough excuse to have a communal Disney-themed Oscar night.

Daniel Day-Lewis and Rebecca Miller<br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,
This is definitely the worst outfit I have ever seen. She looks like Paris Hilton’s pocket-pooch dressed up.  The shoes too. What the hell was she thinking.

Penelope Cruz <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Steve Granitz,
This marks my ultimate Oscar upset. The usually well-dressed Penelope Cruz absolutely looks witchy in this frumpy outfit. It looks more like an abaya with cut-off shoulders and the scarf wrapped around her waist belly-dancer style. Eww.

Tilda Swinton <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,
A cross between a garbage-bag and bride of death is never a good idea, Tilda Swinton, whoever you are.

Julie Christie<br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Lester Cohen,
I’m sort of getting depressed at how ugly this year’s dresses are. What’s up with the gloves lady?!

Jane Russell  <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,
Arabian-nights meets Elizabeth Taylor. Haha. Check out her shoes too. They have BUCKLES on them.

Anne Jeffreys  <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,
The fabric guy at Soo2 IlTelyan downtown called. Now that you’re done with his fabric, he wants it back.

We expected to see stars on the red carpet, not  onMelora Hardin's unfortunately patterned dress.<br/>Frank Micelotta,


The Fire-Your-Stylist Group:

Sarah Larson and George Clooney <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Steve Granitz,

What are my grandmother’s curtains doing in the Oscars?

Jessica Alba <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Steve Granitz,

What. The. Hell. Is. Jessica. Alba. Wearing.

Anne Hathaway <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,

That’s just a worse version of Jessica Alba’s dress. It reminds me of
the display mannequins of Indian tailors in Riyadh, especially with the
rest of the fabric trailing down like that.

Heidi Klum <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Lester Cohen,
The Cruella Deville look was never cool.

Nicole Kidman<br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Lester Cohen,

Is she pregnant? If she is, then this dress isn’t that bad. If she’s
not, then it is. Regardless, I totally hate the jewelery-thingy-collar.

Cameron Diaz <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Steve Granitz,
Not hideous, but it is frumpy. Is frumpiness fashionable this year or what..?


The Wow-You-Look-Good-Tonight Group:

Katherine Heigl  <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Lester Cohen,
And no, not because it’s red, although that might give it some points. It drapes her body gorgeously.

Cate Blanchett  <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Lester Cohen,
I put this here because I think Cate Blanchett worked great with her pregnancy. She looks elegant and comfortable. I like that.

Jennifer Garner <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,
I can’t figure out if this is “Could have done better” or “You look gorgeous”, but it’s certainly pretty. Especially when compared to the rest.

Renee Zellweger sparkled in a sexy Carolina Herrera gown and short no muss, no fuss 'do.<br/>Frank Micelotta,
I don’t know why Renee Zellweger always looks the same. But this is a nice dress on her anyway.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Steve Granitz,
It’s orange, but it’s pretty. I think it’s my favorite Oscar dress.

Keisha Whitaker and Forest Whitaker <br/>80th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet <br/>Hollywood, CA - 2/24/2008<br/>Jeff Vespa,
Keisha Whitaker obviously changed her stylist. She actually looks very good this year- very elegant in an understated way.

Who do you think looks the best and who looks the worst?

Radio War 2.0

I always thought of Beat FM as a Play 99.6 knock off, complete with a hideous brand and terrible music. Looking back now, I don’t think I ever gave their music much interest because I could never get my mind off one of the worst billboards in the history of Amman’s advertisements, which was displayed on Safeway Shmesani for a very long time a few years ago.

I guess the dudes at Beat realized that their brand was bad and gave it a pretty cool makeover. I personally love it, it instantly transformed the radio channel into hip, young, energetic and experimental as far as I’m concerned. Does anyone know who rebranded it? Let’s hope Mood is next!

The old brand:

The new brand:


This wall was made from 7,200 bananas. I love the texture and curvature, it’s just so cool. It’s part of artist Stefan Sagmeister’s exhibition
“Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far.” [link via BB]


Designer (aka Assaf): “Booma shoes are cool, they’re gorgeous.”
Reef: “It’s Puma you idiot.”
Designer (aka Assaf): “I’m not the idiot you loser, English is the idiot. It’s such a stupid language. WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY HAVE TWO LETTERS THAT ARE EXACTLY THE SAME?! It’s sooo stupid. It’s like having light red and slightly lighter red in the same brand. That’s shitty branding. It’s confusing. What the hell.”

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