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Beginning of January

New Year Sentiment [hope, good feelings, bad feelings].

Said is ak2ab new year :S
Razan is feeling good about 08.
Khalidah is not too optimistic about the new year!!
Zeina is 2008 gal!! rip fares :( u were a good fish.
Ayyob hopes that 2008 is better than 2007.
Ibrahim had the worst new year eve ever.
Sama’ a new BEGINNING.
Fares is glad to be the first wishing you a happy new year: 2009.
Shaden habby ennooo yeer.
Heba has alot of hopes for 2008…
Cynthia is Wishing you all a Happy New Year, and may you all live in love and peace and never run into a suicide homicide bomber or anyone who likes them.
Phaedra Dahdaleh is hoping that next year will be better!!!
Noura another year has comeee…..
Hiba ★ Hoping that 2008 would be better than 2007 !!! ★.
Sara is غارت 2007 بحمد الله.
Talar succeeded in being silly all 365 days of 2007… and onward she marches into 2008.
Mohannad new year just got better :)
Dana is crAPPY NEW YEAR.. :)
Carmen is praying for a blessed 2008 after a wonderfully challenging 2007!!!
Sabeen is hoping for less death and destruction in 2008.

Also worth noting that although 2007 is over, people seem to be waiting and stalling in its first few days:
Mohammad is waiting !!!
Ahmad cant wait! :):):)
Asil Hamzah is 17 days to go baby !!
Yazan jigsaw falling into place.
Bassel is waiting.
Farah is having second thoughts.
Hannah is woohoo 2 days ;).
Dima is waiting for that phonecall!
Oula is half-way thru…
Rama is wondering where life gonna take me this time?!?!

And the question is, are you feeling negative or positive about 2008?

September and the summer is over
The end of August


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  1. ola

    Oh, so it’s 2008 already!

  2. They say it’s a year so good for Capricorns that s/he will never ever forget it … and after 7 years of total misery … I can only hope …

    you didn’t do the facebook-status-round-up in three months i thought u stopped it … but here it goes again …

    happy 2008 … that’s what we all with for …

  3. I’m excited about 2008… My 2007 was filled with interesting explorations, amazing people, lots of music, lovely happy hours, loss, anxiety, excitement, sadness, and major changes! I will always look back at it very fondly… but now I’m all set for 2008 :) I hope it will be more crazy, silly, intense, and different in its own way!

    happy new year!

  4. oh and yalla we want the survey results!

  5. I hope the rest of the year will be as good as the first 3 days!
    I sound optimistic! How BIZARRE!

    Happy new year Roba.

  6. These are facebook status? mine was… “new”… so far this year is really good with me… last year was horrible… so I hope that this one will be better… hope… hope… and hope…

  7. Dima

    I see my status in your post :)

  8. i love the way you post things….
    alwasy creative :D

  9. Positive!! I’ll have finished my second year of teaching and hopefully survive again, will have created and run an internship program at my school for my kids, and will get married!!!! It better be a positive year!

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