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The day after the storm

Isn’t this picture really gorgeous? You can see the Abu Darwish Mosque, which I had no idea we could see from our rooftop. What do I know I guess… Amman is constantly proving to be smaller than I think. It’s amazing how much snow there is on the mountains, and this is East Amman, which isn’t as high as West Amman.

How long do you think my car needs to get out of this mess?

Snow men we came across on our walk:

The Mandatory Snow Photoessay

toot is growing with the winter frost

I’m very, very, very excited about the newest toot additions, and I feel really good about them. This week, toot has grown new branches of different colors and flavors that I am absolutely looking forward to enjoying!

Politically, we have several new Lebanese blogs that will give us interesting thoughts in these hard times, as well as the blogs of several young Palestinians with “different” perspectives.

Geographically, we also added more blogs from Arab countries that we thought were underrepresented in our toot tree  so this time round, we have more Arab African blogs, and more Syrian blogs.

Culturally, and this is of course my favorite bit, we have expanded toot in a way I never thought possible. The amount of culture-centric blogs that have come up in the Arab world in the past year is just wonderful! In toot, we added several design blogs, several advertising blogs, a fashion blog, an Arabic art blog, and a caricature blog. How awesome is that?! Life is good.

Finally, we also have handfuls of very interesting blogs. Some of my personal favorites include Billa Faransia, The Arab Observer, and Z-District.
But these are just a few of the new toot blogs, for a complete list check out our post on toot. So exciting! My toot resolution for 2008 is to make toot more interesting and more active, so keep your eyes open for a hopefully tooteriffic 2008.

To snow or not to snow…

Events are being canceled because the weather-people are forecasting a weekend of snow in Amman. My gut tells me it won’t, at least not anymore than it did last Tuesday (ex. maskhara).
What do you think?

From the Jordan Times:
On Tuesday, the depression will deepen and start building up, Abu Hazim told The Jordan Times. Gradually, the depression will bring snowfall, which is expected to intensify during evening hours. Temperatures will dip well below their annual average of this year, which stands at 12ºC, to 3ºC during the day and -1ºC overnight in the capital. On Wednesday, the polar air mass will continue to affect the country with increasing chances of heavy snowfall. The depression is expected to continue affecting the country on Thursday.
The JMD warned citizens of further low visibility due to heavy fog formation. With the depression and snowfall nearing, the Civil Defence Department (CDD) urged citizens to take precautionary measures during the expected blizzard by purchasing supplies of fuel and food ahead of time. The department also warned motorists, particularly in hilly areas, to drive carefully and not to venture out in case roads get slippery because of snow.


Anyway, check out these absolutely gorgeous pictures of the frost spell that hit the country last week, from Rani the Brainy. Check out his blog for more picures.


Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Work a little.
Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Check my email.
Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Stare blankly at window.
Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Make more coffee.
Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Work some more.
Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Bitch to anyone who listens.
Open Firefox window. Open AndFarAway tab. Ctrl+R. Nothing. Start screaming uncontrollably.

That was exactly what the past 3 days were like for me, a case of Ctrl+R OCD, thanks to Yahoo’s unreliable webhosting. The moment my blog rendered after a Ctrl+R, I felt one of the best feelings ever. I never thought I’d be that kind of person, but what do you know.
Anyway, back up and running I guess, unless the gods of servers decide to change their minds, and then… I’ll probably have a heart attack. Otherwise, thanks to everyone who emailed, the guys at the office for putting up with my constant nagging, Ibrahim for letting me steal his blog, Tim and Hal for being super nice, Naseem for making me feel normal about my withdrawal symptoms, and my parents for freaking out along with me.

Wow, that feels like an Oscar speech. I haven’t watched a SINGLE Oscar nominated-movie for the year.

A tribute to the Rose Period

The Rose Period signifies the time when the style of Pablo Picasso’s painting used cheerful orange and pink colours in contrast to the cool, somber tones of the previous Blue Period. It lasted from 1904 to 1906. Harlequins, circus performers and clowns appear frequently in the Rose Period and will populate Picasso’s paintings at various stages through the rest of his long career. [link]

Thank you for giving me an art high.

One of my favorite movie scenes ever

The Worst Thing in the World

… capped bandwidth.

you have a deadline and you need images and you can’t browse the net for the life of you because even the most simple websites cannot load because of the stupid internet connection ra7 anjilet somone should make capped bandwidth illegal

Beddi :(

I think I have a thing for Super Mario. These cupcakes look so amazing to me that I even googled a marzipan recipe.



Where does Mario go when he dies?
Donkey Kong Post-It Extravaganza
The coolest thing I’ve ever seen

Hot Chocolate Amidst Ice: Office Conversations

The phone rang, and I groaned. It was 8:00 o’clock and my alarm was set for 8:30. I tried to ignore it but it rings again. I finally decided to pick-up, and I get a “Roba, get out of bed and look out of your window!”


No one said anything about waking up to a snowy Amman. Quite the contrary actually…the minimum forecasted was 4 degrees Celsius, and the horribly dreary cold front that hit Amman during the past two weeks was supposed to be getting the hell out of town.

Anyway, lured by promises of hot chocolate and marshmallows, I ended up braving the snow drive and going to the office. Snow is always welcome I guess. People on watwet were going crazy with excitement. Surprises are starting to grow on me.

Picture 125 Picture 124

Picture 116 Picture 117
Picture 115 Picture 118 

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