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As I simply cannot function like a normal human being without a pair of spectacles sitting across the bridge of my nose, the process of getting a new pair is one of the most exciting things in the world. Without my glasses, life would be naught. I wouldn’t be able to read this screen, drive my car, or see anything more than masses of blurry colors.

The excitement of getting a new pair is doubled by the fact that my eyesight doesn’t seem to want to stop getting worse, making new glasses not only a physical make-over, but a whole new seeing experience. This time, after a couple of years from my last prescription, my eyesight has decreased by a whole value for each eye. Squinting through glasses has been nightmarish, and this value has rendered details such as text, billboards, and other things completely out of my field of vision.

So finally, I went to pick out a new pair. I had something specific in mind, a dark plastic frame with thick, pronounced arms.  I love plastic, I’ve been wearing plastic my entire life. I love its purity, its softness, its cleanliness. Yet, I ended up with metal- a white pair with cute little red windows on the side. Red is always a good accent to anything.

The best part though is that I can finally see again. I am fascinated when I see all the details that I never saw before, one forgets what it’s like to be able to see perfectly.

Until the next pair…

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  1. They are close to being the coolest glasses on earth. Mabrook.

  2. Hal

    Those ARE cool glasses! Glasses like these make me wish I still can’t see and didn’t get that lasex operation, just so I can wear them.

    Dude from Eight also has cool glasses. Part of why I like him I think. The glasses ;)

  3. Yes, they are great – very special. White is a very unusual color for glasses, I think, but with these little “windows”… very special, as I said.

    (btw. I’m wearing glasses like those you had in mind, thick and black – besides my “hippie” ones with big round glasses and a golden frame)

  4. Stephen

    Nice frames :)

    Have u thought of getting laser eye surgery? It would freak me out to get it cos you would actually see your eye being poked during the procedure

  5. Pretty frames!

    everyday that passes, my eye sight gets weaker, but first step of a problem is denial, right? or something.. anyway now that I admit I have a weak vision I should get glasses or something, but I guess as long as I can see the code on the screen I’ll ignore it.

  6. Can your eyesight be that bad with such thin lenses?

    The day I did Lasik is among the top 10 best days of my life! Yet I had a friend tell me they wish they could wear glasses because it would make them look more intelligent, which I found odd at the time.

  7. Very nice Roba :) .

  8. Ralf

    Ugh. ugly, very ugly!

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