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December 29, 2007

Twenty-nine. Twenty-ninth. One and only time, ever.

“He vivido días magníficos.” -Che Guevara, 1965

Just a record.


Yellow tag with a slice of mint


RIP, Netscape


  1. Happy Bday to Musa.

    The verification word I got was love! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  2. I don’t understand all the interest in a Marxist Guerrilla fighter who died more than 40 years ago !

  3. It’s my father’s birthday too!

    Happy birday :)

  4. Hal

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, roobee how the hell did u DO that?? Hehehhehe, the Moose is 29!!! Funny, I always thought he was much older, MOHAHAHHAHHA :) This is awesome, I can’t wait for tonight, MOHAHAHHAHAAAA :) I need to stop Mohahahahha-ing, 3an jad.

  5. Ecstatically Moose

    The photographer demands to be credited (preferably in cash) for this piece of artwork, given the fact that it is his only ever-produced creative work, and there is a 97% chance that it will never happen again.

    “I never imagined that a picture I took would receive be used anywhere, especially on a art-obsessed website. I am really enjoying looking at my work”-Maher

    As much as I hate to be communicating through typed text over the internet-again- :o)
    But, the Roobii-flavored birthday turned out to be even better than expected.

    “It is fun to be alive when every single day is a magnificent day. Ecstatic gratefulness becomes a mere understatement, when daily satisfaction and eternal content is realized”– Anonymous 2007
    I love you.

    Disclaimer: Any comments with “AHHH”…”OHHHHH”….”AWWWW” or even the thought of uttering those pathetic sounds will not only subject the commentator to physical harm, but will result in a life-time ban from commenting at

    “And yeah I do have the authority to enforce it……I think”

  6. Mish fameh, how did you guys figure out it was a birthday?! 3ad I tried my best to make it NOT sound like a birthday.

    Hal, I love you ya benet. Wallah wallah wallah.

    Maher, I was about to credit you, but then I thought you might faghesh bi baten Musa, because when he sent it to me, he asked me to not tell anyone that you spent a good 3.5 minutes trying to do something as “7aki fadi as taking a picture” (in his own words).

    Musa, happy birthday 7abeebi. I’m glad innak imbasatet :) Mwah!

  7. =)

    You two are rock stars!

  8. Looks like I’m the only one who fell for it :)

    Happpy Birthday!

  9. Hal

    Maher, i’m sorry, I thought it was Roba who photoshopped Moose onto Che. :)

  10. Roba, How did I find out? My analytical skills are frightening… .. and Musa’s shadow kinda gave it away, lol.

    Musa: lol. But you guys are cute together. You kinda induce “uttering those pathetic sounds ” :-P .

  11. ur such a couple …

    wish you the happiest of days …

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