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I am not a tea person, I usually consider flavorless and throat-drying. Yet sometimes, very seldom, I start to crave falafel-style tea, in the little armless glasses, with 3 teaspoons of sugar and one small mint leaf that sticks to the inside. I don’t think it would taste as good as what I have in mind and memory if I go make such a cup-of-tea right now. Why is it that certain surroundings, people, and instances, give your average cup of Lipton tea a completely different flavor?


Hot coffee


December 29, 2007


  1. Well, if the guy who made the cup hadn’t washed his hands in while, your cup would taste alot different. Hehehe.

  2. Well I feel nescafe tastes like crap, yet I drink nescafe everyday, and I always imagine how good tasting it’s, but honestly when I’m drinking it I feel it tastes like crap, yet I keep drinking.

  3. falafel-style tea tastes great cause it’s not that clean :) The dirtier the better!

  4. Most Falafel places serve Ghazalain and not Lipton… and you’re right, while I don’t like tea, there’s something about it when you’re sitting at Hashem or Abu Jbara or Kalha :)

  5. Bardees

    Nice question Roba:)
    I can’t eat falafel sandwiches without a cup of tea even at home.
    and I love Nescafe!

  6. It’s not just tea. It’s any experience. I don’t like travelling at all, but with the right company, it can be lotsa fun.

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