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Hot coffee

Even winter is warm and happy these days.


Marketing is the tax you pay for being unremarkable


Yellow tag with a slice of mint


  1. That coffee is one of the highlights of my stay in Amman, I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT … I LOVE IT!

    Happy everything Roba and Moose

  2. Take away that horrible squashed Fine box, and you’ve got an award worthy photo.

  3. great shot.. just great:)

  4. great shot, with the fine. simply great.
    mish 3arfeh lesh il comment ma 6ele3!

  5. Khaled I think that squashed tissue box is one of the best elements in the photo :)

  6. I miss winter … and Amman …

    Happy Holidays Everyone …

  7. Bakeet fine maf3oos? Abu el Abed’s coffee?

    When exactly do your cab shifts starts?

    Nice “haBBy” photo

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