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Marketing is the tax you pay for being unremarkable

– With spam-like marketing crowding international surroundings with excessive noise, people are starting to ask whether marketing is dead. [link]

– Turkish food company Ülker buys luxury chocolate brand Godiva. [link]

– There are many ways to use photography at a magazine. The worst is to use photos as decoration or as a literal translation of the story into pictures. Low end catalogs, real estate brochures, those car rags next to the gum ball machine at the grocery story all use photography this way. So, goddam boring *snore*. This does not serve the reader, it only serves the editors unconscious plan (my theory) that the photography only support the story not equal or trump it. High level photography and photo editing brings additional information about a subject to the story and when it’s really cracking the reader reacts emotionally. In my book “that photo makes me want to throw-up” is way better than “it’s fine by me.” [link]

– Thanks to Aptilo Networks and Tropos Networks, after the estimated three million pilgrims walk seven times counter-clockwise around the Kaaba and kiss (or simply point at) the sacred Black Stone, they can then MapQuest directions to Muzdalifah and perhaps IM a friend or give them a call using VoWi-Fi, so they can meet up and gather the pebbles they will need to perform the ritual of Stoning the Devil at Mina. Pilgrims can also access the streaming video at the official Ministry of Hajj web site, which sagely warns (in English), “Be peaceful, orderly, and kind. No crushing. [link]


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  1. I’ve tried reading this entry twice, I just don’t seem to understand what you’re talking about, it’s either written in a vague way or I’ve seriously lost concentration, and it’s possible it’s the second case.

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