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Mr. Bean and French Fries

M: Ya3ni, who doesn’t like Mr. Bean?
Roba: I hate him! He’s so lame! I can’t believe people like such nonsensical humor! What people find funny these days freaks me out.
M: What are you talking about, I can’t believe I’m with someone who doesn’t like Mr. Bean and french fries.
Roba: Who said anything about french fries? I love french fries.
M: But Mr. Bean and french fries go together! Someone who doesn’t like Mr. Bean doesn’t like french fries. And cheesecake. They’re all from the same context. They’re all universally liked! Who doesn’t like french fries, Mr. Bean, and cheesecake?
Omar: I agree. His face by itself is funny. You look at him and you laugh. That episode where he loses his pants is a CLASSIC.
Roba: Uhhh…

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  1. Talal

    I have lost all respect for you, Roba. Someone who doesn’t like Mr Bean…I just…I…I….I just don’t know. Ya3ni…No.

  2. Talal

    Oh, and EID MUBARAK!

  3. Bilal - Black Jack

    The United World for Mr. Bean demands an apology from Roba..


  4. I hate Mr Bean too… and well, I’m not all that into French Fries… but cheesecake, I love it :)

  5. to Omar and Moose, mbc 3 plays a cartoon mr.bean, and its as hilarious but i dont know when

    and to Roba, :s

    have a happy holiday :)

  6. How can you not love him? He is hilarious!

    And I never thought about it, but I do love Mr. Bean, french fries, and cheesecake :)

  7. Husams

    Really Roba! Its one of the rare time I don’t agree with you! Mr. Bean is a classic, while French fries is a classic but I add to Mr. Bean its intellectual with deep meanings that settle in our subconscious, when he went to an exams with a dozen of pens, we always love to imagine that a better pen can protect us more in exams, we do it, and when he went to a church and started mumbling prays trying to act as people around him, we always try act as people around us in the same place, not really knowing why, but we are doing it with proficiency that no one is noticing, and with his mini car, still he can knock off the car with 3 wheels, its about relativity, no matter how weak you are, you can find someone to be stronger than, and so feel better about your self, that what all people want, nah? But then why all want a strong personality, stronger than whom? He is just making fun of our subconscious. just makes you laugh and think. He is creative in finding stupid solutions, and his face expressions uh.. I feel like to watch a show for him just now while eating a cheesecake.. too bad I don’t have either..

  8. And just one more reason why we love the Moose.

  9. I love all three,Mr.Bean plain,French fries with fry sauce and chocolate cheesecake,what a trio.

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