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Ammanite War of Preference 2007

So, what is it that we Ammanis have loved and prefered in 2007? What brands have managed to sneak into our hearts? Which outeries have creeped up our favorites list? Do we prefer to wipe or noses with Fine or Soft? Would we rather eat at locally-brewed Chili House or franchise-giant McDonald? Do we prefer to hang out at Abdoun or chill back at Jabal Amman?

A few weeks from the end of 2007, I have set up a survey that tries to measure our loves and preferences as Ammanite citizens for the year. If you are an Ammanite citizen or if you are very familiar with the brands, pop culture, and life of Amman, please fill out this survey. I will share the results on 01/01/2008.

Sorry for the limited choices of contestants, I chose them based on cliche popularity, but maybe next year I’ll remember to have a nomination stage before posting the survey. Thanks a lot in advance :)



Succar, ya banat


Mr. Bean and French Fries


  1. VERY VERY NICE survey idea.
    where do you work now after you’ve graduated? I hope you’re not wasting too much of your time on boring daily routine. Make sure your job doesn’t kill your creativity. I felt my creativity dwindle dramatically during my first 4 years of work. Only now I’m regaining my old-interests and fun.


  2. Though I am not a permanent resident of Amman, I thought my annual visits work for this survey.. so I filled it out based on what I do when/drink/blow my nose in while visiting in the summer time… but I think there may be a problem with the survey. When submitted, there is no confirmation and the fields do not refresh. I tried submitting it more than 5 times perhaps… consider looking into this, because it may skew the results.

  3. Muhammad, I am luckily working somewhere that is very inspiring :) And I know what you mean… routine sucks!

    Iman, thanks for the heads up, I’ll check it out!

  4. where do you work? :-)

  5. Roobs, Books@ cafe should go in the Cafe category too… I mean, if I’m someone who hangs out at Jabal Amman, then none of the three cafes you mentioned would be valid options… not Che Che, not Avenue, and not Belle Mondo…

    You should’ve added ‘gym’, hehe, let’s see how VY does versus Power Hut and the other places :)

  6. I filled it, but when it came to cafes, restaurants and coffee shops I picked the one that I have visited, I don’t like going to such places but I had to pick :(

    I don’t avoid such places because I have a cause or something, I just find them boring v_v

    and for the football team as well, I’ll be damned before I watch Jordanian football, I just picked randomly.

  7. Josef J.

    Actually, I hate tche tche, Belle Mondo and Avenue! My favorites are Boulevard and Lave!!!

  8. 7afartli or fafi … you should add another option something in between coz i dont like 7afartli or fafi …
    but in this case I’d rather to choose 7afartli than fafi …
    coz fafi ppl are so sissies … and i don’t see much of them lately …

    and for cafes, i don’t like any of them … but I’m with Lina i would choose books as a cafe …

  9. Oh and by the way, there’s a new trend amongst local football fans, to support Shabab Al Urdon, rather than Faisali and Wahdat ;)

  10. khalid jarrar

    i suggest you somehow make it not olbligating to answer all questions if you dont want to add more options, because i too dont watch football, and i dont read local newspapers i had to sort of pick randomly. which would give you failse results at the end.

    so just show some democracy here: you dont have to asnwer all the questions in the survey!

    and i agree with linda, gym would be a nice idea too.

    ice cream place too!

    steak or mansaf?

    maybe you dont need to put options at all, just leave a blank and people will fill in with their preferences! wouldnt that make all our lives just easier?

    also you can add: favourite joging area.

    favourite jorddanian blog and blogger! since everyone here must be a blogger or reads blogs at least.

    favourite sa7lab place!
    sa7lab is very much underated, i totally believe sa7lab deserves a question of its own!

  11. Roba, I commend your attempt to arrange for a survey. We need statistics to enable us measure, monitor and benchmark for a better descision making process. However, I would have hoped that the survey would include some items of real substance. What does it add if you find that more people drink Pepsi than Coca Cola?

    Have this as a first attempt and then launch a modified Survey with lots of serious questions.That will be a challenging excersise that is worth the effort.

    You will also need to have more questions to identify the applicants such as education, profession, marital status. This will help better analysing the results.

  12. Tala

    One more suggestion: Maybe you should have added ‘Jafra’ or ‘wild jordan’ to the cafe’s part :)

  13. Thank you guys for taking the survey. I understand your concerns about the lack of choices, and that is why I will probably have a nomination round next year. As for not having more choices, that was designed on purpose- I only have what I think is competition in Amman, and I want you to answer from these particular options. If you had no option but Coke and Pepsi and you are dying from thirst… what would you drink?
    So think of it as a matter of preference, not a matter of love. Perhaps that will be a different survey for a different day though! :)

  14. ayyob

    I think there should be a N/A option for each of these cuz if one has no prefrence and just puts a random pick, it kinda screws up the results..

    And about the shabab el Urdon thing, its just a phase, jordanians will never move away from Faisaly or we7dat…just like Americans will never have a 3rd political party (for those who care).

    u should add a few more cafes like the ones in shmesani and other places, u could probably have at least 10 that would get at lease 1 person’s vote

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