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Toshet Thulathi il-“rrrr” [video updated]

Wow, I’ve never seen or participated in a raging fight happening over a post that I wrote on my blog in real time. Until today.

(added subtitles, and for those asking, it’s a debate happening in the office about the use of slang like “am” instead of “I am”)


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  1. Talal

    God, I wanna work there so bad.

  2. So many questions ya Roba…

    Who are these people? Are you part of the argument? If not, how did you come across the video? Who was filming? Were they filming because that person knew they were arguing about your post?

    Great video. I love their passion for language. You can’t be a writer if you lack that passion. :)

  3. meenie

    roobee i love how you’re the only one that always levels with me.

  4. Ewww!! The Teeees! (the letter “T” in case someone thinks otherwise) My god I haven’t heard that much “T”s in a million years!
    Why do chicks stress “T”s so much!? This is the cool Ammani-chick-English I guess!

    Now, what was everyone fighting about?

  5. y

    wow (qwaider) that must be the funniest and most backwards comment i’ve read so far
    its nice to see you’ve labeled that accent already! im sure you, being so above it all, speak english oh so eloquently (please remember to stress the T in eloquent.)
    and by the way, it’s that ‘many’ T’s , not that ‘much’ T’s

  6. Thanks Y for enlightening me, I’m glad you found it funny that was (by design)


  8. WOW! If I ever worked in such an office I’d seriously quit the next day! SOUND PEOPLE! Ok, I put music on but I don’t hurt the rest of the people around there!

  9. lamee3

    An entertaining video.
    It’s sad though that everybody in the clip spoke some Arabic at some point in time, yet the debate was carried in English.

    Eh … we do have an identity crisis in Amman. :-(

  10. I am with Lamee3! Why was everyone speaking English anyway? I mean it seemed that the lady in red was more comfortable using Arabic, so this is weird that she insisted on using English.

  11. sortu jaybeen iMac il jdeed ?

  12. I don’t think it’s about insisting about talking in a certain language, nor is this post about the predominant use of Arabizi in West Ammanite circles, although that is a very important and interesting topic I believe, that should probably be discussed more often. It is actually about a post I wrote concerning the English language (refer to link in post) and English slang, and so you can imagine why the conversation was taking place in English :) I also wouldn’t have posted it if it was taking place in Arabic as a lot of my blog readers don’t understand our mother tongue… so there’s a plus!

  13. The anti-spam word is: happy. Ironically, I’m not so happy with the English used nowadays by those who can actually speak it. It’s like they pick up the worst of the cultural diversity, examples: those who use dis.. and dat… and study in da university.

    I have people sending in articles for the faculty’s magazine with such slang, not to mention how often people use “C-H-I-T” and “C-R-A-B”.

    Not that I’d be happier with a speaker addressing an Arab audience, during a presentation, with “Oreedo an Ashta3’el” and “Sawfa Ashtari Al Jakeeit”. It is the general deterioration of language competence that bothers me. Sad… indeed.

  14. meenie

    roobee, it was ‘others’ , not ‘losers’
    oh, and? the ‘it’ above was pronounced i’T’

  15. Lina (the lady in red) is pretty fine looking. You can tell her I said that and make her day since she seemed to be getting ganged up on. :D

  16. ummmm… well, i was filming there using Roba’s Cam … coz i thought its interesting to film such “RRRRRRR” Conversation between the three RRR’s at our office …
    well, at the office we have so many types of conversations, but the RRRRRR one is the most interesting one for me :D …

    next time i will make sure to film other conversations, so Roba plz keep your cam ready … :)

    and Lina, “am” with you … :P

  17. Nart

    Yep, I agree with Dave the lady in red is so fine.. but the argument atmosphere is kinda friendly and nice.. i liked it.. I may be the ‘m one.

  18. Nart

    ‘am so cool sounds super terrific, don’t u think so??!

  19. Maria

    I think it is quite unfair how some of you guys bully Lina around. We’re not in high school, are we? I don’t think this is cool anyway, besides there is no consideration to the fact that this is a working place and one collegue was complaining about the noise..How could anybody WORK in this atmosphere?

  20. y

    why is everyone trashing our work atmosphere?! WE’RE FINE WITH IT! it’s a good thing you don’t work here then, and by the way, just in case you guys wanna know, this all happened at the END of the work day.
    p.s: we love lina. lina was not harmed during the making of this video.

  21. Nart

    Weel, Maria, it’s not like that.. cool was in good manner she said it in a very nice stunning way.. I doubt anyone is making fool notices about Ms. Lina.. and u know wut, our work place is always serious do u think that’s perfect? it’s good ‘sometimes’ or seldom to just break out that..

  22. The work environment seems fun, reminds me of maktoob, although I enjoy having my own huge desk ;P

  23. fika

    That is very entertaining discussions lol. Is ‘lol’ allowed here? :D

  24. Funny enough, the anti-spam word is joy! Another word for HAPPY!

    Anyhow, there is a time and place for everything…these days with our constant use of IMs and text messaging, I would prefer people to use slang and get to the point.

    It is about knowing your surroundings and realizing what’s appropriate for the situation…as a former teacher at the university level, and a journalist, I have a lot to say about my experience grading university level papers…SAD to say the least…I think Roba your post has inspired me to write a post about this on my blog…look for it soon ;) (oh i forgot, you hate the smile face) sorry!

  25. nothing picher

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