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On November

November was the most laid-back month I’ve had in a while. Ninety percent of it was spent whining about how cold it was, working, or sleeping. The other ten percent were spent either lazing out on the couch watching football(huh?) or at Coffee & News drinking coffee (duh).

I can’t believe it’s December already. I also can’t believe it’s only December. It feels like a lot more than year. Last December, I spent most of the day at school or lazing out on the couch and using my laptop, wishing I was lazing out on the couch without my laptop. Funny how so much changes in a year. Or maybe it’s not that funny.

Falafel King


Yes, I'm aware I suck at bowling:)

Candles and Champagne

Green Monster is poopy

Posing with the stars

Torque Magazine Launch @ Jordan Speed Center



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  1. Ola

    I have to say I really like those end-of-the-month post of yours, a nice way to call it a month, especially the pictures…

  2. Did you actually take all those posters to you home?:D

  3. Someone please give the Hulk a laxative before things get messy lol. I liked these pics what camera model is that?

  4. Now i can see where all of these posters disappeared…

  5. Nice, so you guys are into sign snitching?

    I think we need to mark our territories.

  6. I agree with Ola, your end-of-month post is something I always look forward to!

  7. is “lazing” a verb?

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