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On October

Last night, we were sitting at a place we visit often and we noticed that the huge bright lime-green Omnya banner that has hung on the building across all summer is gone, replaced by an equally gigantic but quite morbid image of a parliamentary campaigner, complete with the evil look and all.

As we sat and stared silently, the street much emptier than usual, it really felt like the campaigner’s serious eyes have signaled the end of summer and the beginning of winter. I do not really like winter much, I get gloomy and pessimistic as the leaves start falling.

But well, winter hasn’t really started, October is now done and Amman is still seeing 30 degree weather.


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Beit Teta


Could see this coming…


  1. hmmmm… comparing all your end-of-month posts, this one has more photos of people, and less food ;)

    Beautiful family photos :) you guys are all amazing!

  2. Talal

    I agree with Lina–you guys are a really good-looking family, mashallah!

    Tell Bettina that smoking is bad for her :P

  3. Omar A.

    Roba :| I want the rest of the fountain photos!!

  4. 30 degree weather! :(

    Looks like you are having tons of fun. Awesome! Allah yhanneekom

  5. Roba…the last photograph is so beautiful! it is one of those photos that speak for themselves ;)
    I hope you had fun at your party :)
    God bless

  6. Bettina

    Cool, I am part of your month :) I am still searching for cigarettes, they are really hard to find here :) I really miss you guys! *bettina

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