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September and the summer is over

It’s greatly amusing how moods seem to be contagious, especially when comparing things to the end of August.

Back to school:

  • Zina is in class today!
  • Hind is a student!
  • Mira H. is Working On My Homework =S.
  • Sundus is saying midterms already!
  • Carmen is back in Beirut and ready for a new semester (or not).

Sleepy-heads this Ramadan:

  • Khalidah is Sleepy and Sick!!
  • Hannah is SO sleepy…but refuses to miss anymore lectures.
  • Sabeen is functioning on 1 hour of sleep in 48 hours.
  • Lara is studying and sleeping at once.
  • Mohammed is na3saaaaaan.
  • Ola is so tired and sleepy :(.

Tired and worn out:

  • Sherif is ta3baaaan.
  • Arthi is exhausted.
  • Danah is sooo tired :(
  • Hasan is ta3baan :S..
  • Malaget is rasi bewaj3eni :S.

Work Routine:

  • Elizabeta is at work.
  • Bassel is too much little time.
  • Ahmad is is back in Amman. Back to reality.
  • Imad is bedy ejazeh menshan allah :(.
  • Jana is studying working studying working.
  • Hend A is trying to find out where time flys and is determined to get it back!
  • Dana is at work..and “we r nakkishing dobban.”

Sick of it all:

  • Lubna is sick of it.
  • Mohamed is aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!
  • Ghenwa is sick of skewl.
  • Omar is choking..
  • Mohammad is bekaffi…..
  • Talar is )*?#!@^;^&*%.#$(.
  • Lina is in her black phase.
  • Hala is not in a mood.


Radiohead slaps the record industry’s face


Petra, Amman


  1. I’m sleepy too damn esh had!

  2. Life is all of the above….

  3. lol, i had a fight with a friend that’s why i was sick of it.

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