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ATV on Ikbis

… and on the bright side, alternative media brings hope to life.

Watch ATV on Ikbis.


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  1. There’s no way I’m downloading videos that size on Orange’s internet connection. Either they make unlimited 8MB connections for 15 JD, or they put this on air so I don’t need to download it anyway.

  2. طفيلي( ahmad)

    After I have watched few Programs of ATV channel, I can see why Government stops it. This channel will shock the nation with programs and shows the picture in Jordan and people in Jordan. People who live in south and north and Amman are not ready to expose to fair media coverage away from government influence.

  3. Khaled, I’d settle for an unlimited 3MB connection for JD100. This 12GB bandwidth cap thing is uncivilised. Every time I stream anything I’m worried I’m going to be banished to dialup speed land for exceeding the limit :(

  4. Laith_A7la_3alam

    Somebody knows how can i watch their programs or at least one recorded through the net ? I want to take an idea about this new channel.

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