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Urban Review: Fuddruckers








Average price: Burgers range from 4 to 6 JDs. Appetizers are all generally under 4 JDs.

Before we make the review, I would like to put out a disclaimer: this might as well be the most biased review you will come upon here, mainly because Fuddruckers holds a lot of emotional significance for myself. There isn’t any other restaurant that my tastebuds know so well, not even the cliche, international flavors of MacDonald’s and Burger King. During our last 5 years in Riyadh, my parents took us there for lunch every single Friday. We loved our Friday outings at Fuddruckers, and they were an essential part of our weekly routine. I also associate the smells and tastes of Fuddruckers with fond memories; like the time I decided to feast on a giant plate of onion rings and nothing else, my mother’s permanent insistence on always ordering the same dish, and my brothers’, who would bring take-away boxes of Fuddruckers buttersugar cookies with them each time they went to Riyadh for a visit.

That being said, due to my consistent, overexcited nagging for the past couple of months that YAY, Fuddruckers is reopening soon, we went to check it out the day after it opened, not knowing what to expect. Most Amman residents know that Fuddruckers had previously tried to open in town back in ’98, but it was too expensive and went out of business a very short time later. Now with the franchise with different owners, the new restaurant looks very different than the old one. The prices are also relatively cheaper, especially keeping in mind the levels of inflation from ’98 to today. The food itself was absolutely great, and it tastes a lot like the one in Riyadh. The staff are nice, but they need a lot of further training.
On the downside though, last Friday, we decided to go to Fuddruckers. We left the house at around 3, and when we got there, the waiter told us that we had to wait outside for 45 minute to be served! Much to our annoyment, we ended up going to Apple Bees next door. We tried our luck again this Friday, and we discovered that the secret to securing a great table at Fuddruckers on Friday’s is to go while the Friday prayer is on.

We would recommend you try The Works Hamburger and the Rib-eye steak, we also believe that they make the best damn onion rings on earth. For dessert, we recommend their buttersugar cookies, and their rice crispies which my brother Omar absolutely adores.

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Location: Makeh Street, next to Apple Bees and Tche Tche, across the street from Nissan.
Reservations: No
Phone: n/a (would appreciate it if someone provides us with it though).






End of August


  1. The sweet spot seems to be between noon and 1PM. Things start to get a bit crowded after that. In fact, I’ve always had luck eating at “Western” times (noon to 1 for lunch; around 5:30 or 6 for dinner) which allows me to beat the hordes that flock to the restaurant at traditional Arab meal times.

  2. nicee!
    can we – poor innocent readers – also recomend resturants or give tips here?:)

    i just want to draw your attention: In Baghdad, there is an Area called 7arthiyya, in 7arthiyyah street you find the best fast food resturants ever. Iraqi ones of course, that serve all sort of sandwiches, 3 times the size of the biggest sandwich mcdonald has to offer and for half the price.

    Best taste of a sandwich ever.

    Now i am happy to say that one of these restaurants opened in Amman, Its called Moon Light, right beside Hardies in Shmesani, actually its between hardies and KFC.

    Now they serve all kinds of food, but i havent even bothered try any of it, just go straigh to the sandwiches menue, and make yourself happy.

    their french fires are amazing, but for more happiness order french fries with cheese, thats melted cheese over french fries **yummie**

    and then you get to choose between:

    1. Hamburger (absolutly amazing) (also get the cheese burger version)(my favourite ever)
    2. Skaaalop (thats how they say it in iraq :D) a bit less amazing.
    3. Steak bil filil (yummiee)
    4. hotdogs, go for the cheese hotdogs though, absolutly amazing.

    Sandwiches are served with a bit of salad, and cost less than 2.5 JDs, and i just dare you, dare you, to finish your order unless you are a real expert eater :D

    go when and only when really hungry!


    oh oh and: Their ceaser salad is heavenly, but only if you dont mind the extra garlic!

  3. Thanks for the tip Khalid, I will check it out sometime!

  4. across citeroen babe mish nissan! :)

  5. I saw you walk into the restaurant actually. But my wife and I were too busy with our kids!

    We too enjoyed the food but the STAFF!! They need TONS AND TONS of training. It was not that they were rude or anything but totally incompetent and helpless.

    But I will go there again..

  6. Umm Omar

    Thanks for the review of Fuddruckers in Amman. We used to go in Texas and I can’t imagine anyone making a better burger! We have been reluctant to go to the one here in Amman because of the general attitude we have seen from Staff in other restaurants. It always proves to be a disappointing experience to take the family out for a special treat and then be treated like an unwelcome visitor. I wonder what can be done about this problem….if anything. I was not supried to see the poor reviews of staff….it seems to be a national problem.

    Thanks Khaled jaraar for the tip about Moonlight. Insha Allah we will try it one day….at least their prices are more family friendly.

  7. Jordan citizen

    The food was good. But the service was awful.It took for the order 45 minutes to arrive. The staff behaved as if there were no customers at all, just taking walks all over the place without paying heed to anyone. When we asked for the tab, we waited for around 15 minutes. I strongly recommend to call ahead and place your order, and ask for the tab the very minute you walk in. Don’t even think of using the restrooms, they are a health disaster waiting to happen.

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