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End of August


  • Hind is leaving güttersloh tomorrow morning and going back to amman! (forsa bint 3arnita).
  • Lulwa is heading to Amman on Friday!
  • Laith is IN SAUDI :X.
  • Morad is in beirut, back home in 5 days…
  • Mashael is 5laaaaaaaa9999 abe arj3 alryaadh!!!!!!!
  • Nour A. is in Morocco.
  • Deemah is in paris.
  • Abdulla is getting ready for jordan!!!!!
  • Luca is going to London and Berlin, tuesday.
  • Carmen is fighting temptations in Brussels!
  • Mona is goin back to riyadh on the 30th.
  • Aisha is in cambridge till september…
  • Mohammed is waiting to arrive in jordan.
  • Baiyina is going to paris.
  • Cheryl is excited for Espana.

Done Vacationing:

  • Rand is back:).
  • Talar is back from London.
  • Jasmine is back in saudi :( but is missing everyone come back already!!
  • Liza is back & black.
  • Baty is back….
  • Seeba is tannned.
  • Rasha is remembering why she loves dc but is missing her lovers in cairo.

End of the Summer:

  • Liza is wishing that summer would end already.
  • Shaden is missing winter.
  • Ruqayya is cold.

Personal Transitional Phases:

  • Farah is OFFICIALLY a college gurl!
  • Marianne is officially part of the workforce :D.
  • Dima is a mom to be :).


  • Omid is Packing Packing and…Packing!
  • justine is buried under boxes.
  • Kal is having a great time at the new apartment:-D.


  • Dania is grouchy.
  • Hannah is sleepy.
  • Muna is celebratinnnng.
  • Bettina is still feeling sick.
  • Hala is, according to some people, brilliant, funny, entertaining and morally compromised. She will not argue.
  • Whitey Al-Assi is meowwwwwwwww! love u allllllllllllllllllllll.
  • Samer is taking time off facebook (2weeks).. Suggest y’all do the same too..


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  1. Jad

    was it facebook status round up ?

  2. Isn’t Roba going anywhere? y3ni other than her job y3ni, the blog alone is tiring enough! i think Roba deserves a vcation big time! dont you think? :D

  3. I gave hala that status. I was explaining to her how people who met us always claim she is the female equiveleant of me, which makes her all of those things.


  4. Timesucks:

    Roba is spending too much time on Facebook (and apparently, so am I…). :-)

  5. oh i barely made it to that list :P

  6. Hal

    Yes but I am way sexier than him, let me just point that out. He may be the smarter one, but I’m hot.

    I am so delusional.

  7. Bardees

    Hi Roba, i’ve reading your blog for some time now, and i think it’s brillaint!! i really like it:)

    I wish you best of luck and many more blogs to come ;)

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