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On June

A tiny part of me cannot grasp that the wait has been done for a while and that May has come and gone. It tickles my heart to see the future standing open, and the pages all unlocked. Alas, there’s finally more space to write, live, and dream.

June was one of the best times in my life; satisfying, comforting, and “yayeah”, but regardless of all the chocolate bar makers’ attempts at marketing their chocolates with those three essential ingredients for happiness, they have yet to discover the secret that makes a moment turn perfect.

I have discovered mine; a lot of red Sharpies :)

On a related note, have you ever noticed how the Galaxy chocolate booth at supermarkets is now larger than the entire booth chocolate at smaller markets? People must have consumed an immeasurable amount of Galaxy bars.

June, in pictures of memories of moments of time of a red-Sharpie-coated world:

on June

on June

on June

on June

on June

on June

on June

on June

IMG 4719

on June

on June

on June

On April
On March
On May


Personally suffering from: Blind Brand Loyalty


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  1. saned

    LOL @ the Saudi car? Is that here or in Saudi?

  2. Luai

    I think Sharpie’s are the best writing instruments! Their the only thing I use to write….my checks, my notes, my signature, you name it. I use every color of the rainbow though…with of course black being my favorite…I get a box of exclusively those. Ultra Fine Point only for my hand!

  3. ya 3eene 3ala argeeleh tofa7ten ma3 karkadeh be 3amoon … she byefta7 el nefes …

    har3eene jay ya 3amman …

  4. Lovely pictures… i really enjoyed watching them.. its better than telling a whole story

  5. loved ur photos :-)
    that’s a brilliant idea!

  6. tommy

    Great photos!

  7. Wow, nifty photos! Always enjoy your “month” photo posts, they truly sum up the month, especially the Argileh and Saudi car pics.

  8. thanks guys :)

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