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The Children’s Museum

Today we went to the Children’s Museum, which occupies a 20,000 square meters of Al-Hussein Park. I spotted its three brightly colored buildings last week and went up to check it out, but it was closing for the day so we went back there this afternoon.

At first, they had their reservations about letting us in as we didn’t have any children with us, but then they let us in anyway :)

The Children’s Museum, designed to “inspire children 14 and under”, is the first hands on and interactive institution of its kind in Jordan, and the biggest children’s museum in the Middle East. It has more than 150 interactive exhibits, with themes that include: health and fitness, astronomy, geology, the environment, creativity, civilization, mechanics, robotics, light and optics, mathematics, air and flight, and communication.

The exhibits are actually pretty cool, children (and I guess adults) can do many activities from reconstructing dinosaurs to fixing a car to taking off in a flight simulator to using solar energy to fly a superhero. The museum is also brilliantly designed to the smallest details, its very colorful and appealing, the exhibits are entertaining and well-designed, the graphics are brilliant. Does anyone know who designed the museum? The architects, the designers, etc? The staff is also quite friendly, and the children seemed to be having a heck of a time.

We stayed for hours as some of the exhibits are so amusing and entertaining that they managed to inspire us, and when we left, the receptionist who was reluctant to let us in told us that we stayed longer than the kids usually do and that they “hope to see us again”.

I would definitely recommend checking it out, and for those interested, its open from 10:00 am to 6:00 PM on weekdays and 10:00 am to 7:00 pm on Fridays. It is closed on Tuesdays. It costs three JDs per person, and its a nonprofitable organization, where all proceeds go towards the museum’s operations and programs.

Here are some pictures of the museum, unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of everything as my camera died on me, but I guess these should do.

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

Children's Museum, Amman, Jordan

The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum

The Children's Museum

For more pictures and information about the museum, check out my post about it on 7iber.


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  1. Wicked!

    Wow, it looks really really really nice, I want to go I want to go, seriously I’m excited.

    Everything looks cool, nice colors and stuff, please someone take me….I wanna check out the cow “Where does Milk come from?”

    They even got customs? I wanna wear like a fireman or superman!

    I’m not going to sleep tonight :D

  2. Hey, you didn’t mention that you saw me there! I had a great time too, and I am more eager to back than my daughter!

  3. Your pretty, pretty princess picture is especially stunning. :P

  4. thx for the post , i ttruly appreciate it when ppl have what it takes to stop for a few mnts and write abt somethin they admired , we need a lot of that in this country “encouragement” .. about the center, i think the architects are faris&faris, check out their link

  5. Ola

    This is pretty cool, and just in the right time.. I was looking for a place to take my brother and cousin, something like this where they can learn and have fun, I guess this is where to go!

  6. ozz

    I guess i went to a place like this during school years in Jeddah, it was something like Jeddah centre for science and technology .. I spent the whole time sitting in a the cabinet of a space shuttle and I even stayed inside hiding from the school group I went with, because the adminstration forced us to attend a demonstration on how telecommunication devices work or something more boring.

  7. Nees

    Hello Ruba,

    I think its Khaled Nahhas, the architect behind this amazing piece of architecture :)

  8. Haley Sharpe —> Main Contractor
    Beck Interiors —> Sub Contractor

  9. umm..where are all the children?! or is it one of those “18 and over” places? lol

  10. What a wonderful museum. I really wish to visit Jordon someday, just because of the way you talk about it in your entries! It seems like such a nice country.

  11. G.

    Awesome pictures,Roba!

    There’s also a cool Children’s Museum in Holon ,Israel — 40,000 square feet (English link on right side of page)

  12. I love the pictures :)

  13. طفيلي( ahmad)

    Hi Roba,

    do kids have to pay 3 JD to visit museum?!If the answer is yes , i am wodnering

    who could takes his kids and 78% of people live under poverty line .

    I hope the adminstration of museum do not charge kids ot at least it will free for shcool trips .

  14. Ali

    Hi Nees
    the Architects behined this great work are FARIS & FARIS architects , you con chk. thier web site ( ) to see this museum and may other great works of architecture…………. Ali

  15. Ali

    Hi Ahmad
    Its would be a great thing if all kids could enter for free, but as you know the Museum needs a lot of money to keep running……………….
    so if you could come out with ideas to get money for running the Museum that will help…………. Ali

  16. elengil

    Jordan Rocks! *grin*

    -this from your not-so-average anglo-american. ;)

    Seriously, I wanna go, that looks like far too much fun!

  17. nidal

    hi, thanks for sharing. can u give me the number of this museum?

  18. Samer

    Hiiiiiii, i LOVE your blog.. could you please tell me the EXACT address as i don’t live in Ammna,,, e-mails me plz at

  19. Hana

    hello all …. you can join the museum’s group at the face book to get the latest news about museum’s activities , :)))

  20. aporter

    Very resourceful and helfpul. Their website is still under construction!! Thanks it helped a lot.

  21. sam

    i know this was forever ago..but i can not find any info on the muesum online..even though i know they have a website…but google wont find it:( where is it exactly how do we get there?i really want to take the kids there tomorrow…

  22. Avis

    Hi, I want to take a group of kids this Friday as the museum looks so ‘cool’ as in my grandaughter’s words.
    I’m surprised the official site isn’t up yet. Thanks for yours. I’d like to check out a few things and cannot find the tel. no. or the address. Is this the King Hussein Gardens where they used to have an amusement center down from the first Safeway supermarket? I’ve been gone a long time and just returned to Amman.

  23. Maram

    I love the place what they do for the children is great, we are donating an itneractive white board for them to use it for the kids, we only care that we give back to our country :)

    great job posting this .. thanks

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