Bachelor of Fine Arts

So after what seems like the longest-taking graduation project in history of the world (seriously, at the end, people I would meet randomly would roll their eyes after I would say that I’ve been busy working on the darn project), I’m finally done :)

My project was about establishing a recycling initiative in Jordan, “Ta Talateh”, which stands for “the three Ta’s” of recycling; tadweer (recycling), tawfeer (reducing), and tajdeed (reusing).  It included branding, creating awareness booklets about the three ta’s, some interactive packages to facilitate the process aimed at school-age children, advertisements, and a website. It was actually a lot of work, and I, with the guidance of my amazing adviser Tarik El-Khateeb, went crazy trying to get all the work done. It took month after month of trashed Illustrator files, piles of sketches tossed away, a lot of scolding by Tarik, and tons of weekends spent staring at the laptop screen.

Yet, I suppose you can say that on preliminary levels, the work didn’t amount to naught. I got an A for the project, and I now cement my world-class nerd standings by getting my BFA with what Jordan University would refer to as “imtiyaz” (which translates to excellence, ahem), and that is finishing up with a GPA of over 3.7.

I’ve actually been done for around a week now, but in true nerd fashion, I was waiting for the grades to go up before I celebrate.

The picture up top was taken during the project jury, which I actually enjoyed (I was one of three students that didn’t leave the jury crying), although of course there was the time when one of the juriests went off on how  the stink of bio-diesel cars in Germany is the very proof that recycling is bullshit (?).

Bullshit or not though, I will have to do the FM-style-“O7ebbo an ashkora al MBC li hatha il barnamej il 3atheem…”  thank yous. I wouldn’t have been able to pull the last week off if it weren’t for my family, from my parents, to my aunt Manar, to my brothers Hisham, Omar, and Gus, to my cousins, Abed and Basem, to even my grandmother (who sent me some of her knitting for my display); when the time came, they all put on their painting shoes and helped me in getting the exhibit ready. I loveeee youuu guys. Noor and Sara for being awesome freaking-out companions, and of course, Tarik, who made me fall in love with design all over again. Ok, that seals that segment for the day. Sorry, but it was necessary.

So now that I’m done, the ever-famous question keeps arising, “What are you going to do now?” I have decided that I do not want to go back to school, at least for now, and I guess I have to find myself a real job. Or something.

I guess I will post more project pictures as well as ones from the exhibition in the next few days, but for now, I’m not in the mood to fiddle with Photoshop.