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On May

I stopped striking away at the calendar sometime in mid May. The first half of it was painfully slow, but I have no idea how the rest of it managed to come to an end. But it did… and here we are at June. May changed everything.

Life is finally back on track.

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On May

On April
On March


فيسائلني القمر يا حلوة ما الخبر


500 Years of Female Portraits


  1. welcome back to life :)

  2. Ziad d

    look forward to seeing colors again oh your blog! :)

  3. 3izra2eel

    down the road not across the street

  4. Mohamed Fawzy

    1- You take the breath away in the last pic :)
    2- We can see a reflection of you in the laptop screen :P
    3- Why do you use Windows? get a mac girl you are an artist!!!
    Here s a useful book about the benefits of switching to mac, escpecially for artists (100 reasons):
    Wait for the page to load, then wait 5 seconds, you will find the download link in the buttom of the page (Save File to your PC, Click Here)
    4- Are you going to miss these days Roba? Did they change you?
    5- What is the meaning of T3 in that portrait?

  5. Qwaider, Ziad, thanks :) I look forward to it too actually.

    3izra2eel, huh? What road? Who mentioned roads and streets?

    Mohamed, thanks for the link, I actually love my PC though! The “Ta Talateh” thing is my graduation project. I guess I’ll have pictures of that up later…

  6. weird pics honestly ;p

    my digital camera is on life support machines, I can’t take it places and take pics with it anymore :–(

  7. Congrats on surviving May… It was such a crazy month for both of us and I so can related to another post of yours saying that it didn’t really sink in yet that it is over!!

  8. It was made of (Human stool, aka. shit!….)

    Don’t you just love Arts students?

  9. 3izra2eel

    in this case, use a hand gun

  10. wishu hand gun?

  11. congrats Roba..nice pictures,

    pleas allow me to ask 3izra2eel…
    did you mean that knife shaped tool in the 8th picture?

  12. I am not sure but I think he means the way you are holding it “accross the street”…maybe?

  13. 3izra2eel

    Gardenia is either brilliant or suicidal. Roba on the other hand is neither.

  14. that knife could hardly cut tomatoes :P

  15. LoL

    I will pick the first option ;)

  16. 1- Congrats
    2- May is always like that!
    3- Nice group :)
    4- Nice lady in a white room :) I liked the photo alot!
    5- Yummy chupa Chups …. they rock, and it makes a sucky graduation semester suck better:) I tried it b4 :P
    6- Congrats again

  17. Bedi Chupa Chups :(

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