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On April

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Strike by strike, April passed. The world goes on, but rebirth is pressed on pause. Temporarily.

An attempt at graduating is really taking a lot of my time [and] energy. At night I dream of Illustrator files and Pantones. The due date for the project has been pushed all over the calendar during the past few months, but they have now finally settled on the 24th. Then we have to work on setting up the exhibition for launch on the 31st, and it will stay on till the 8th of June, meaning that I will be insanely busy till mid June. Damn, that sucks.

Now comes May, which may very well be one of the most important months in my life, on several levels.

A little more and it will all [end] / [start].

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  1. Are you sick of the phrase ‘good luck’ yet? Well, here’s another: good luck.

    I remember that feeling, and if your May is anything like my final month was, it will not just be the most important month of your life – it will be the most rewarding.

    Enjoy every second. Yes, enjoy! I am extremely jealous.

  2. Mohamed Fawzy

    That’s absolutely normal roba. Graduation is one of the most critical events. Just remember who you are , and equip yourself with alot of self-esteem and confidence, or tell you what, you already have that!! In fact, confidence itself needs to have self-roba :)
    I hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you as well. You love art, then Art will love you :)
    It’s good news for you , and bad news for us because we will miss you while you are busy, but we have to live with that, because we want your success!
    btw, have you lost weight? in the dance picture your face is little bit skinny, or is it the blur?

  3. Mohamed Fawzy

    Plus you have made such a beautiful home for us here, so we will browse the contents of your blog while you are away. There are so much reading materials!!!

  4. You know Sushi? :) he’s great that guy!

    I love the pics roobs… love the tone and feel they give!
    Yes… May is here… enjoy the ride dudette, and keep taking lots of pictures :)

  5. Seneferu

    Wow, that’s the cutest looking cat. Excellent photos, Roba.

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