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On April


  1. What exactly are we looking at?! 6 days 1 circled.
    :The mind wonders on female matters:
    So should we avoid talking to you during these days?

  2. I’m guessing final exams….

  3. no, no, no. the 15th is her last final or last day of the semester. the rest of the circled days are a vacation (a short one) I am guessing either to KSA or Dubai. have fun.

  4. Ayyob

    globalorama, you have either talked to Roba lately or u have a huge imagination. I don’t think universities in Jordan are finished this early are they? My sis in H.U. only finishes in begining to mid June. How about J.U.?

  5. I guess It’s the final exams .. We all know the great exams schedules the universities applying!!

  6. Ah, those are the days I’m leaving for the States for two weeks. Thanks for keeping track for me, Roba.

  7. mmmmmm, 15th is when the paycheck ends :D
    and the last circled days are the time for begging you parents for extra cash just to live :D

    am i right?

  8. leish fee yowm mshallef la7alo?

  9. Project handout …

  10. Mohamed Fawzy

    oh well, roba :)
    We understand these days are important or critical for you in some way !!!
    There are alot of guesses, may be it’s an academic event (exam – vacation), like brothers said earlier, or they are personal event (i.e. you are getting married on 15 , then start the honeymoon for six days in paris :)
    or may be they will be a shoe exhibition! may be you are buying apple mac pro on 15 then setup its software in six days!
    Come on tell us what’s up :)

  11. Many birthdays, right ? :P

  12. martinlother

    you forced me to remmeber the last week in the university; it was definately the worst week ever, nightmares surely will return today.

    by the way I am new here, are there any roles? :)

  13. Hehe, Paris! I wish I was going to Paris! But nope :(

  14. Mirror

    finals @ the ju dont start before may 26th
    let me see
    15th is the project discusison
    and the rest days are for preparing for finals (but not finals)

  15. Totally OMG, I feel ya.

  16. Ayyob

    I think Mirror got it

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