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Oscar Outfit Frenzy

I have four confessions to make;

1)  I didn’t watch a single movie from the 2007 Oscar-nominated bunch, and for the most part, I hadn’t heard of 90% of them either.
2)  I have never ever watched the Oscars in my life, yesterday’s show included.
3)  I never check out the winners because frankly, I couldn’t care less.


4)  I always check pictures of the red carpet outfits after Oscar night.

The Fire-Your-Stylist Group:

Keisha Whit-something, whoever she is.What the hell was she thinking? The color of the dress might have looked lovely, if it was a shade less yellow, and the cut of the dress might have looked great, but what’s with the flowery action at the back? It looks like someone stole them from the top of a cake decorated with yellowing icing and Jabri’s trademark cardboard pink-and-green flowers.

Kirsten, Kirsten. I bet she skipped the stylist and was dressed by her grandmother, or perhaps Cher. Just check the feathery actions.

At first, I noticed her expression (doesn’t she look REALLY angry?), then I noticed her hairstyle with the front sticking to her head and the back poofed up, making it look like she got it done 5 days ago and tried her best to “freshen it up” for the night without bothering to wash it (check the greasy-looking lock dangling down one shoulder).
Then I saw the dress.
The Mummy Returns, anyone? Eva Green just rolled out of her mausoleum.

I have no idea who this is, but man, doesn’t anyone ever tell these people to toss their money on a dress that actually fits? I am not enjoying looking at the rolls of fat on her stomach.

The You-Could-Have-So-Done-Better Group:

Although most of the world seems to hate her, I have always really liked Kidman, I guess maybe because I really love “Moulin Rouge”. I also really love red, but I’m not so sure about this dress. It does look good on her, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a cross between a lobster (check out the collar), and a Superman cape.

I hate Reese’s dress, although it is not hideous enough to be put into the Fire-Your-Stylist Group. The whole frilly Mermaid look is so a few years ago. I also hate how its a lighter shade at the bottom, it looks like she had to walk through a warsheh of powder cement to get to the red carpet.

I had to Google whether Kate Winslet was pregnant or not after I saw her in this dress. She is not. Enough said.

Another dress that I really hate but that is not ugly enough to be placed in the first category. It looks like the string art that my 7th grade Egyptian art teacher made us do. I also hate the color, it’s so drab. Is she still with Chris Martin?

The Wow-You-Look-Good-Tonight Group:

I think Cameron Diaz looked the best last night. I love the simplicity of the dress, I love the color, I love her hairdo, and I love the accessories she chose to go with the dress. Everything looks so good and so in place, proving the age-old motif less is more.

Jennifer Lopez looked good too. I am personally not much a fan of these Greek-Goddess style dresses, but it does look pretty great on her. I love the antique jeweled top of her dress too, it’s absolutely stunning.

Penelope Cruize looks as good as she always does. I always feel like she dresses brilliantly. This dress reminds me of Nicole Kidman’s dress in the Chanel ad. Purty.

So, what’s your take?



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  1. Nas

    ok lemme get this straight….you dont want movies…you dont watch the oscars…but you look up the dresses everyone wore on the red carpet…

    cojo would be proud :-D

  2. Nas

    typo above: watch* and not want….and yes, i too hate second comments that aim to fix the typos of the first comment. delete at your discretion!

  3. I had to type in “Hate” for the spam thing. 3anjad cojo would be proud ma dah-ling. i personally didn’t like Penelope’s dress, it looks like one of those covers, remember eli they’d always drag with them when they come back from Haj!

    Hmmm.. I loved what Portia Di Rossi wore, and if you watched you would’ve cracked up cause Ellen DeGeneres was hosting :)

  4. While I absolutely agree with you on the Fire-Your-Stylist group, I disagree with you on Kidman’s dress, I think she looked stunning! Also Reese, she looked good enough for the red carpet. I actually liked Gwyneth Paltro’s dress, thought she looked nice. Cameron could’ve done way better than this! I liked her look at the Golden Globe Awards! this dress is so…dull and her hair is a mess, she could’ve got away with it had she not looked way better before.

    I didn’t like Beyonce’s dress too, what do you think?

  5. moi

    I love love love Camren’s dress and her jewelery! Her earrings were stunningggg! By far the best dressed all around.
    Shaden, I actually like her hair, it was unique :)

  6. SomeOne

    Hello dear it’s the 2nd time I write something even I don’t know you, and I don’t think in any time soon I will.
    I like to read your blog, it nice and really means a lot for me, let me feel close to a place where I lived from long time; Amman and I left to see the world and do the thing that I must love travel. Even I am doing it, I miss being there some times and from short time reading and looking for thing about Amman and pictures I saw what you have here and I can’t pass by without telling you, nice work and keep doing it.
    The Oscar they are the must unmindful for me. I love cinema and every week I go some times 5 or 6 moves and I am so freak that go to the same happen to me, and I don’t go more coz there are no time at all in my daily life, I really considered Kidman as a good actress and has got a really sweet way, as I think Kate Winslet has to go the gym coz sure she has time to my make her body looks well in this dress, Jennifer Lopez looks for me as a person can’t forget her past, I don’t like it at all, sorry, and on the end we end with the best one Penelope Cruz her dress as the film she present “Volver” are perfect. ;-) I live in Spain right now. Wish all the best dear , and a very big hug .

  7. Moi, I strongly second that :d

    Nicole Kidman’s dress is nearly nasty! the very top kills it!

  8. Not At All

    well, Roba, since you do like people not to type your name as Ruba for example, then imagine if Penelope stopped by your post and saw “Cruize” instead of Cruz… liked your critique of the dresses :)… nice blog.

  9. jen

    I quite like the yeelow of Keisha Whit dress but I agree whats with the flowers
    I like Nicole Kidman too I think her dress would have been nice without the collar do da
    I too have some confessions to make

    1) I dont even know which movies were nominated for an oscar from the 2007 bunch
    2) I have only ever seen 1 or 2 Oscars in my life, yesterday’s show included.
    3) I never check out the winners because frankly, I couldn’t care less.

  10. Ayyob

    Im a guy so i dont have much to say about the dresses. Most of the ladies looked beautiful.
    I watched the oscars on channel ABC. it is the local channel (only american channel contracted with the oscars to broadcast live) and they had some fashion critics. They had opinoins that were almost opposite to your Roba.

    They loved Spooner and Hated J-LO and Camren Diaz.

    they liked Penelope Cruz but it wasnt a big deal. Nicole Kidman they said was beautiful (She always is) and they really loved the dress Celine Dion wore.

  11. Kidman and Lopez could have done MUCH better..actually they all could have..this year’s fashion was rather disappointing..both in terms of best and worst..ya3ni you usually find something you absolutely love and something you absolutely hate..there was lots to hate this year but not much to thrill over..

  12. ~W~

    I watched The Departed, Babel and An Inconvenient truth. The last one is a must see in my opinion.I used to watch the Oscars until about 2 years ago as we do not have E! anymore and I do not care enough to find out other channels that broadcast the show.I always check out the winners though.
    Finally, I liked Kate Winslet’s dress, it looks elegant. I hated Penelope’s dress, although I ususally love what she wears. I also think J Lo could have done better.

  13. Haitham

    well i agree with you about the first dress, i didnt realy like it, it is by lebanese designer, George Chakra, there is a lebanese touch in it, i dont know about Kirsten, her dress looked amazing on the runway, but it doesnt on her! surprisingly, Reese was among thee best dressed of the night, Kidman could have done so much better, she also chose Balenciaga last year, and it wasnt impressive! Cameron looked realy nice in Valentino Couture, so did JLO in Marchesa, but my favorite was Penelope, her Versace gown was , without a doubt, #1 !!! :)

  14. Where’s Jennifer Hudson and her space shuttle? haha
    she should get a category by herself! hehehe

  15. Seneferu

    Bas those things at the bottom of the last picture…look like the legs of a rabid poodle?:-)

  16. Yep. Needs a good shave too, those legs.

  17. j.lo was xtrememly stunning in oscars and she always do look gud everywehre she goes .. kidman and resses dress looked gud too … cameron was average because the colour white always looks gud on everyone …. i hated beyonce’s dress and keisha , lol she looks like a yellow flower pot hahaha with artifical/ dead flowers on it .. penelopes dress was not that good yeah but i agree she is a beautiful women ….. gweneth looks like swizz chocolate that marks on her dress also looks like the choclate design lol …… kate her expression in this pic loks as if she is strugglin to prove her dress is the best hahaha …. she looked tay tay fisshhh ……. at the end Jlo looked awsome

  18. Isabella

    I thought Kate Winslet was absolutely stunning. What made you think Kate was pregnant? To me Kate looked like she lost a ton of weight and i personally think she is absolutely beautiful with more weight on her.

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