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Save Dibbeen

Protest against the plans of Dubai Capital Co. to set up its devastating investment project in Dibbin Forest which is enough to destroy the biodiversity of this area of Jordan which is known for its magnificent beauty and unique plant and animal species.
Please take a second to speak out against this atrocity against Dibbin Forests and the environmental system in Jordan by signing the petition through signing this petition with your full name.
The petition has less than 400 signatures as it stands today and that is absolutely devastating. Please also spread the news and the link to the petition.


For more about Dibeen, check out a slideshow here and facts about the forest here.







  1. I would sign it … but I need to know more information about what exactly is being planned.
    Could this be a positive change? Are we missing the big picture? What exactly are the plans here?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would just like to know more details

  2. Thanks Roba for joining the campaign. With your recycling project and this post you are a true environmentalist.
    Qwaider, and dear other visitors you can learn more by logging into FoE website and also this article from the Star

  3. Nas

    thanks for joining the campaign Roba!

    Q: you should also ask yourself “what could possibly be built that would come with enough social and economic benefit that would trump this specific social cost?”… the next question after that should be “…and why can’t it be built further away”

  4. Thank you Batir for the additional information, I read it. It’s interesting

    Looks like the jury is still out on this one as they’re waiting to see if the effects are going to be harmful or not, or the benefit will out way the consequences. Lets get a study going, get the facts and then decide if we are with or against such development projects in Jordan

  5. Ayyob

    i signed it with so many emails i might single-handedly save dibeen

  6. Mark

    Uck. I can’t believe that hippies have invaded Jordan. Forests contain animals and animals with diseases. Cut down those trees and make homes or stores. Unless of course you are rooting for the wilds to kill us. We’re in a battle, which side are you on?

  7. Mohannad Al majathoub

    Damaging the tiny forest of Dibeen should be prevented immediately, as this will cause a massive damage to the ecological environment and inflicted serious losses on the biodiversity. The national survey conducted in 2004 for Dibeen forest recorded few bird species with a new one in Jordan and another one is new for breeding. The Flora Survey also recorded 250 plant species and three of them of global importance. In total, this forest includes 20 endangered species of mammals, reptiles, plants and birds.
    The Jordanian National Biodiversity Strategy which was published by the Ministry of Environment in 2002 can implement the biodiversity convention plan in Jordan. It has a main goal to conserve the biodiversity by protecting the various species of animals, plants and micro-organisms in their environments, especially wildlife habitat including forests.

    So how come the ministry of environment not stopping this destruction.
    Would law be enforced to stop it.

  8. fahm

    I’m a fried I cant agree with you on this subject, Jordan as you know is poor in resources and the project been built in Dibbin aims at increasing the tourism in the Dibbin area aiming at reviving the area and providing a source of income to the local residence , I was a member of the team who studded the establishment of this project Im sorry I can disclose any figures yet I can assure you its all to the benefit of the local residents , another aspect should be taken in consideration , Jordan social security cooperation is a strategic partner in this project and for any one who is familiar with the cooperation knows that this project will reduce the chances of bankruptcy of social security plan which is expected to be near year 2022 and thus such a project will contribute in uplifting the life style of all Jordanians

  9. Mohannad Al majathoub

    I used to live in Dibbeen area where the project will be constructed. I can hardly name a local resident benefited from any tourism project. Instead, we will pay its high cost. First, extensive destruction to the wild habitat may result from the large number of visitors. Second, the land prices will be doubled.

    Conservation of natural resources is essential to protect the future generations.

    The project can be built anywhere else and no doubt at a reduced risk.

  10. this planet is out responsisbilty, this country is our responsibility, if we cut down all our trees what do you think will happen to our climate!!? we should keep all the trees that we can and plant lots and lots more.
    btw check out my post here.

  11. It’s just swell how people morph the situation from building to protect (or otherwise the deteriorating conditions will force the destruction anyway) to something like They’re cutting off ALL of the trees!

    Even in more developed countries where wild life is protected religiously, you will still find some facilities being added and built to be able to better protect this wild life!

    We really have a long way to go! On understanding issues, dealing with complexity .. and fight against exaggeration! (from both sides)

  12. fahm

    What im taking about is that the Country plan is to distribute the developmental project all around Jordan aim not to increasing the gap between the residents of different geographical areas in Jordan , I really encourage all of you to consider the developmental stages of the nations knowing that Jordan is at the beginning of the development of its resources we have to cover the basic need of the population by providing sources of income to facilitate wider development areas in the future , not moving outside Amman will create miss balance in the distribution of wealth and creating Gaps in the life style that cant be observed by the lower grades of society and hence destroying the fabric of our population , im not with the destruction of our natural resources ( further more Im an environmental active ) yet I know well its not the intention of the mentioned project we have also on a project like that to develop property pockets in Jordan in different areas such as Hosha and 3’or al Safe , believe some time we have to break some eggs in order to ensure the continuity of the development weal , Jordan Youth should understand that the most and remember that management and development is a balance issue we have to balance resources and objectives

  13. Mohannad Al majathoub

    Would you support it despites of the threats to biological diversity “genetic library”.
    Let us assess the risks to the Regional Biological Diversity in Dibben.
    This project will cause monumental alteration of ecosystem due to biodiversity loss.

    Biodiversity provides the genetic and biochemical resources to agricultural crops and pharmaceuticals.

    Source of medicine, a recent survey showed that of the top 150 prescription drugs used in the United States, 118 are based on natural sources: 74% on plants, 18% on fungi, 5% on bacteria, and 3% on one vertebrate (snake) species. Nine of the top ten drugs in this list are based on natural plant products.

    Source of genes – The ability to increase crop productivity under pests, diseases, and other stresses has depended heavily upon the transfer of genes from wild crops that have resistance to these challenges.

  14. fahm

    I can agree with you once we can relies the benefits in a visible way that can asses the economy of the country , will this resources become as rewording as our mineral industries in the dead sea of which we are only extracting row materials and exporting it in the lowest prices and the import fertilizers as any other country , please we are not a manufacturing country we live on the service sector

  15. Mohannad Al majathoub


    A few yards from the area where this project is planned to build, is Jerash camp, where the Palestinian refugees live. Photos in the below link.

    I entered the narrow roads of the camp for 15 years and never seen any improvement.
    Is not ib better to improve their living standards & conditions rather than desryoing our natural resources.

    Woundering who is benefited by such projects other than forign investors!

    Can we all do something to change it.

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