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Alright, here comes the second hardest part of the graduation project (first being the printign and which is yet to come), and I really need some help, ideas, etc. I need to create a recycling / waste disposal company but it of course needs to have a name, and the name has to be in Arabic. So far, the only idea I have had is “دور “, but I’m not sure I like it.

What I’m looking for is something short and catchy, localized rather than generic, and easy to apply for different demographic factions in society (irrelevant to gender, age, class, etc, though a “younger” name would probably be a better idea as Jordan has a very young population, what do you think?)

Feel free to throw ANY idea around, the space is completely open, who knows, I might end up “recycling” any idea if not for the name then for campaigns, slogans, etc.

So yalla, let’s get creative.

Some keywords that might help…

سكر الدائرة

Any ideas would be really appreciated!




Save Dibbeen


  1. ziad d

    how about ‘7alaka’ if I think of anything better I will tell you. it is 530 am so I am still not 100% yet… :)

  2. How about أخضر? It’s short, simple, to the point, and fits your neutral criterion. And it’s very versatile, too: you can use it as part of your advertising; eg:
    كن أخضر
    الحياة أفضل مع أخضر
    and other phrases I can’t think of right now (I just woke up, too :P)

    Good luck!

  3. Rami

    as in google….with colored letters…..or إعلدة or إفادة same idea as إجادة

    Anyway, my advice is to go and buy a book that has all the arabic names, usually they use it for naming new born babies.
    Good Luck

  4. تدبيل: Just like when tdabbli shee5 elkobbah fi el-trix game. The message is that you will get the double value out of recycling. Recycling is actually doubling the usability of something. Am I making nonsense? Lol

    By the way, any restrictions on the name? verb, noun, could it be a combined one?

  5. yaseen

    دو ر يسايكل

    damn it I’m good with puns -_-

  6. Sorry I dont have a word to suggest, but I kind of like Dawwer. It is short, arabic and represents what you are looking for. I vote for it.

  7. Riham

    الموت في الوادي السحيق
    افواه وارانب
    عاهاتك ياوطن
    على راسي
    احسن ناس
    اطلع بره
    coca cola

  8. Ayyob

    I too think that دور isa good idea but add a little to it. Like دوّر و دوّر just so it signifies a pattern of repitition. maybe it can meen to Look and turn around just like recycling.

  9. This is a difficult task since the word “recycling” is one word in English and two words in Arabic and the only verb to describe is دور which is not a very appealing word. The words I can think of are تدوير استعادة إعادة

  10. اقترح بعض الكلمات التاليه** يحدث** ينتج ** يفرخ **

  11. Kat

    Dawwer is nice indeed but I think “Iftel” is younger and more dynamic. Or does that sound too Shami???

    By the way, very nice blog; I’ve been reading it since the beginning… in silence…

  12. wasim

    If we were in Irak, this would fit
    مرة لوخ
    which means
    مرة اخرى
    Naaaa, just forget it !!!!! I will try to think of something else during the week-end.

  13. يمكن ملاحظة بايخة وما إلها دخل بالموضوع ولكن من منكم يتذكر أغنية قديمة تقول كلماتها “دورها دور دور وأعطيني شحطة..قبل ما تيجي تيجي تيجينا الشرطة

  14. Dawwer is a bad choice to be honest, most people who hear it will think of “search” or “turn around”

    come up with a funny name, not in fos7a,
    i can’t think of anything now , maybe “mazbaltak bet-hemna” or “mazbaltak bi 3yoona”

  15. دويره لإعادة التصنيع

    مع ضمة على الدال وشدة مكسورة على الواو بطلع حلو ومعبر مو؟؟؟
    طبعا دويره هو اسم الدلع لدائرة

    أما دور (بضمة وبدون ضمة على الواو هو فعل أمر مباشر ) وأفعال الامر عند الشعوب الحرة بتسوي رد فعل عكسي أحيانا

  16. Just take a ride in a cab (make sure the driver is az3ar) and I’m almost sure he’ll help you out.

    “ضلك عيدها، أو عيدها
    من أغنية فيروز: عيدها كمان ضلك عيد يا علي

    طقع (for some reason, tage3 put in any phrase works)

    ريسايكل (في موضة طالعة انو ازا الاسم اجنباوي بكون “كول” اكتر

    You need a kitsch name, it may sound crazy, but actually people like these stuff, I’m talking about Jordan as a whole. That’s why Saloon akhthar (3alee suwar wara’ o baradi ku7li sells).

    You know what? I’ll call a friend of mine, he’s zarkawi, he’s kind of person who eats Kabab sandwich from Raghadan bus station and ask for more.

  17. fayez

    but i think “دوِِِِِِر” is great

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