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Another Survey

My friend Marah has a survey that needs to be filled for her graduation project, which is the identity of a Middle Eastern style hotel.
It only has 5 yes/no questions so it’s really easy and wouldn’t take over a second of your time. Thanks!
Please take the survey here.

Undiscovered yet

Here’s a fresh view of a different Jordan, picture taken by Noor Bishouti


Although the class is probably the most interesting one I took so far in terms of theory, and regardless of all the Nescafe gulped beforehand, I always manage to doze off. I just can’t help it. The room is so small, probably measuring around 2m by 4m, with black curtains surrounding it from all directions. The buzz of the projector and the laptop give off a very sleepy sound, and I just sit there surrounded by the rest of the students as we sit packed on cafeteria tables and cushioned chairs. The tiny room is overheated so my jacket would be piled up on the table in front of me like a big pillow that I just lean my head on, and then wake up 20 minutes later, with Noor and Sultan laughing at me, completely oblivious to what is happening.

Protopage Protolove

Seriously. I love it so much I wish I can hug it and feel it oozing its bitsy bytsey love back to me.

Check out all the new features they haveCheck out my public page from my Protopage here (and my private one remains private :D YAY).

Autumn in the city

One shot, which ones are mine?


Yay, new Laptop. At first, I really wanted one of those 12′ tiny notebooks for their portability, but then I decided that what the heck, might as well get a proper one, so here we go. It even has one of those thumb print verification things. Awesome.

While we’re on it, does anyone know where I can get my hands on some reasonably priced and stylish laptop bags or sleeves(ex. not black and not the terrible material usually used with laptop bags) either in Amman (preferably) or online?

Question Number 2

A question worth pondering is “Can you judge a person by their blog?”, which I came about on El-3atal’s blog.

Personally, I believe that you can judge a person by their blogs. You can judge me by my blog. This is who I am; slightly airheaded, infatuated with art and design, easily fascinated, quite imphalsapheh, and so on and so forth.

I try my very best to be consciously aware that I am representing who I really am. I try to periodically put a picture of myself so that no one imagines something that is not. I ramble about my daily life every once in a while so that the reader gets the jest of the framework in which the words are written.

I am what I write. I am what I take pictures of. I put all of myself in this space, and although of course it is very easy to misunderstand what I write, it still is a very vital part of the person I am, the ideologies I represent, and the the thoughts behind my actions.

I think the people who read my blog know me a lot better than those who don’t. And when people who read my blog meet me, they usually tell me I am just what they imagined, except that I don’t talk much in real life.

That’s another interesting question to ponder. Some of the bloggers I’ve met were just what I imagined them to be, others were very different.

If you met me after reading my blog, what do you think? Was I different? Or was I what you thought I would be?

Also, what do you think, can you judge a person by their blog?

Rock N’Roll is here to stay

I love Rock N’Roll. Seriously, I do, I actually think it’s my favorite music genre, so when I heard that we were going to learn to rock and roll in my dancing class I got quite excited. I mean, besides the fact that I love it, I’m a LOT more likely to rock and roll in Amman than actually waltz (ha, waltz in Amman).

Then I discovered that his inspiration for Rock N’Roll isn’t John Jett or AC/DC, but rather, Micheal Jackson at the peak of his Thriller moonwalking career or John Travolta in shaking struttin’ his stuff in Grease.

Damn it.


Today someone told me that he guessed I was originally Nabelseyeh.
“I see it in your face,” he said.
Can you also tell that Noor is from Madaba?

On recycling, graduating, and projects

I started this blog a month before I started my first year of design school (the first year in my program is a Fine Arts foundation course, which really has nothing to do with design). Those first days are well documented in this blog; the day before the first day, the first day, the second day and the realization that design students have to take their classes in the I.T. faculty (something I hate to this day, but that’s still much better than the physics faculty), the first post asking for project help, the day I started learning about local design companies (today, I’m seriously amused by my past thoughts), my first week, and of course, my first project, in which we weren’t even allowed to use a computer (and that was the STUPIDEST decision anyone ever took, I mean, what the hell?).

It’s been a long way since then.

Today, I’m starting to work on the very last project I’ll do for my bachelors degree; my graduation project, which I decided will be designing a recycling system for Amman. The graduation project is year-long, and 12-credit hours worth. During the first semester, we have to write a “thesis” with really weird requirements (one of them is “Conduct your research in all the available libraries in Amman”). The second semester is dedicated to working hands-on design-wise on the project, so that should be a lot more interesting, but for now, I need to be doing researches, surveys, and all the other stuff that should make the actual project more “real” next semester.

So, just like I started my design program here, I will start my graduation project here too. This is the first survey I do for it. Please take a few minutes to answer this survey for me, it’s quite precise, mostly with radio buttons so it won’t take you over a minute or two. I would really appreciate it. I even disabled cookies so that if anyone around you wants to take the survey they too can too (and it would be great if you asked your little kid sibling or your older parents for different generations).

I will probably also put some surveys up on behalf of my friends later on.

If you live INSIDE of JORDAN, please only answer the FIRST survey. If you live OUTSIDE of Jordan, please only answer the SECOND survey.

If you have any information about recycling in Jordan, please let me know too.

Thanks, I really appreciate your help!



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