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The Top Arab Brands

The Forbes Arabia Top 40 Arab Brands list looks at companies that not only have created strong brands in Arab countries, but that are gaining recognition worldwide.

1. Al Jazeera (Qatar)

2. Emirates Group (UAE)

3. Al-Marai (Saudi Arabia)

4. Al Arabiya (Saudi Arabia)

5. Afia (Saudi Arabia)

6. Americana (Kuwait)
7. Burj Al Arab (UAE)
8. Fine (Jordan)
9. Jarir Bookstore (Saudi Arabia)
10. Emaar (UAE)
11. Qatar Airways (Qatar)
12. Gulf Air (Bahrain)
13. Aramex (Jordan)
14. LBC (Lebanon)
15. Patchi (Lebanon)
16. Rotana (Saudi Arabia)
17. Future Television (Lebanon)
18. Etihad Airways (UAE)
19. Kudu (Saudi Arabia)
20. Rotana Hotels (UAE)
21. Gandour (Lebanon)
22. Thuraya (UAE)
23. Ajmal (UAE)
24. Al-Islami (UAE)
25. Kassatly Chtaura (Lebanon)
26. Gulfa (UAE)
27. Air Arabia (UAE)
28. Wataniya Telecom (Kuwait)
29. Mikyajy (Saudi Arabia)
30. Nakheel (UAE)
31. Mecca Cola (Tunisia)
32. Milco (UAE)
33. Melody (Egypt)
34. Al-Tazaj (Saudi Arabia)
35. Fayrouz (Egypt)
36. Splash (Indian-owned, based in UAE)
37. Jashanmal (Bahrain)
38. Two Apples (Egypt)
39. Al Rawabi (UAE)
40. Orascom Construction Industries (Egypt)


14 of these brands are Emarati.






  1. can’t find my blog on this list, is this a conspiracy against me?

  2. Nas

    it’s kind of predictable to see all the companies and their host countries, after all they are businesses and they depend on wealth and the flow of money and investment which most gulf nations can provide.

    as for Fine, yeah that was predictable as well, branding wise no one in jordan asks for a tissue…just a fine. business wise the nuqul group is going to be really big in the arab world in the next few years.

  3. kinzi

    Yay, Nuqul Group! They have so indoctrinated me I only use tissues to wipe up spills even in the US – forget paper towels. Even my in-laws know what I mean when I say “Please pass me a FINE”

  4. Two Apples (Egypt) – produced in Egypt, but owned by Americana (Kuwait).

  5. Jad

    I always thought that Al-Marai were Jordanian *OMJ* ARAMEX IN THE LIST! now forbes creditability are questionsable.

  6. So Egypt has only 4 ( 1 owned by Americana moryarti says) at the very end of the list. Sad but predictable. meno lillah Husni we 3esabtu!
    Gulf has 24 including the 7 top ones but Kuwait ( where I live) is not heavily represented, again predictable.
    What was a good surprise (but I have no clue when it comes to business or finance) is Jordan and Lebanon.

  7. Two Apples is Kuwaiti? Interesting. It took me a while to realize that Two Apples actually translates to Tufa7tein!

    Jad, there is a Jordanian company called Al-Marai, but the one in the list is different.

  8. I’d buy the top 5 … but the rest? Did any read the report provided by the link Roba added?

    1. Are you familiar with the brand?
    2. Is the brand of any relevance to you?
    3. Do you trust the brand?
    4. Would you recommend the brand?

    Can they be any more superficial and random?

    I find this ranking criteria very questionable. These questions are extremely subjective and do not reflect the nominated brand’s financial strength, flexibility, adaptability or even its communication’s consistency.

    I mean, give me a break, Mikyaji has better/higher Brand Value than Al Aujan Industries – the people behind Vimto and Barbican? How did companies like Al Aujan and Halwani not make it to the list, and companies brands Milco and Splash did ..

    Also, Interbrand, which has the most globally recognized brand valuation methodology, has very strict rules on which brand that make it to its list. One of them is that any brand that qualifies has to belong to a publicly traded company.

    The rational behind Market Cap (the value of the comapny;s shares, its corporate governance…etc) has a significant weighted average over the final brand value, hence ranking. I know many of those Arab top 40 are not publicly traded.

    ya3ni, the whole ranking is fayet bel 7ai6

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