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Why I love us Arabs

Wala 7abeh.

The most desperate attempt ever at getting people to sign up


Unblock Mahmood’s Den

A petition has been launched against the blockage of Mahmood’s Den. Please support free speech in Bahrain by signing it and sending the link to as many people as possible.

Link to petition

Autumn Rhythm

Fall Colors at Jordan University

There is music in the meadows, in the air–
Autumn is here;
Skies are gray, but hearts are mellow,

—William Stanley Braithwaite, “A Lyric of Autumn” (1904)

We stopped to pick the leaves that cover the beds of grass behind the cafeteria on campus. It’s not the season for rainbows and hanging laundry- it’s the season for blowing leaves, cool autumn showers, and the crunchy sound of leaves crackling beneath feet.

Picture taken by Noori during our walk today;

Mahmood’s Den: Blocked!

My god, the state of internet censorship in the Arab world progressively keeps getting worse, the latest series of bad news coming from Bahrain, which just blocked one of the best blogs in the Arab world, Mahmood’s Den.

Mahmood’s Den blocking order signed by the Minister of disInformation

I mean, what the hell?

Mahmood’s Den was the very first blog I ever read in my life while Googling the closure of Big Brother Arabia in Bahrain due to “indecency”. I had no idea that it was a blog, nor did I have any idea what a blog was. I rediscovered it later on when I started reading blogs in 2004. It is one of the oldest blogs in the Arab world, as well as one of the most informative and interesting. Although internet censorship is shitty in all its forms, what makes the blocking of Mahmood’s Den much more of a pity is that Bahrain’s “Big Brother” cannot distinguish between what’s good for them and what’s bad for them.

The other sites on the list are just as depressing, because this is a sad signal that the Arab world is going backwards with tolerance years at a time. In 2005, Huda Azra Nono, a Jewish lady from the Bahraini Jewish community, was the president of Bahrain Human Rights Society. Today, a year later, Bahrain blocks the following sites:

Copts. Arab Atheists. Arab church. Criticism. Kurds.
Tolerance = 0.
(add to that, which is like, WTF?)

Ahhh. The state we have reached! It really breaks my heart. Arabs. We need to wake up and smell the coffee.


11 million fricking text messages were sent in Jordan on the eve of Eid.
My God. 11 million? That’s sort of crazy, especially as the whole whopping population of Jordan is like half that number; and I didn’t send any messages so you can count one person out.

The Al-Ghad article reads, “Text messaging service (messejat) reduced the social burden on Jordanians.”


On what love is

I don’t know if you’ve come across the Yahoo! Time Capsule yet, but if you haven’t, you have 10 days to add your memories and experiences to this experiment. I
The Time Capsule is organized around ten themes: Love, Sorrow, Anger, Faith, Beauty, Fun, Past, Hope, Now, and You. Each theme is in the form of an open-ended question: What do you love? What makes you sad? What makes you angry? What do you believe in? What’s beautiful? What’s fun? What do you remember? What is your wish? Describe your world. Who are you? People respond to these questions in five simple ways – with words, pictures, videos, sounds, and drawings.

I was so pleased when I saw Hisham’s contribution to the time capsule, under the theme “Love”.
What does he love?
:) Sweet, is that not?

Here’s my contribution to the time capsule, under the theme love:
What do I love?

So what do you love? Contribute to the time capsule and drop a link :)


Tomorrow is Sunday. NOOO! Ma beddi, ma beddi, ma beddi. A week of vacation is just Not enough.


I just discovered an artist called Loren Munk, who derives his inspirations for his paintings, photography and writings from Brooklyn. His work is absolutely brilliant- colorful, graphically rich, and very full of delicious culture.

Here’s some of his work:

“Art History 1”, 54” x 96”, oil on linen, 2004 – 2006

“SoHo : The Center of the Art World Universe”, oil on linen, 60” x 72”, 2005 – 2006

“Skating through the 20th Century in Art History”, oil on linen, 60” x 54”, 2004 – 2005

“Aesthetic Discomfort Chart”, oil on linen, 54” x 60”, 2005 – 2006

You can see more of his work here.


I woke up to find a cute little white parcel from London laying on the keyboard. My moo cards are finally here!
I can’t get over how cute they are, they’re sooo tiny, and my flickr pictures look really good on them. Definitely not for passing out, haha.

My moo cards

My moo cards

My moo cards

My moo cards

My moo cards

Yay! I'm their new best friend!

Yay! I’m their new best friend!
Here’s what moo is all about:
The web. You can’t touch it, write on it or put it on the mantle. You can’t hang it on the wall or pass it to the cutie on the bus and you certainly can’t give it to your mum for her birthday.MOO want to change all this.We dream up new products, personalised by your stuff on the web, that let you take that virtual life offline. We hope you like them.”
Sweet! I lurrrveee them!

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