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And now we turn two

… so it’s been two years since my first post.

I started (typically) by uploading an image that I had saved years ago and which I thought was cute (might I add to that that at that point, Blogger still didn’t have the image upload feature and I had to figure out how to link images using html).

For And Far Away, there were no hellos, there were no introductions, there were no “this is my first post”-style first posts. There was a headfirst dive into the world of blogging. Splash, splash.

This blog has gone through many transformations since that initial dive, in terms of content and design. The content grew as I grew, it changed according to my whims and fancies. It’s funny reading all the old posts and remembering what I was thinking as I blogged the older pictures and the older posts- they are full of memories, especially of people who I have drifted further away from during the past two years. I’m definitely a different person today than I was when I first started And Far Away.

Naturally, the visuals of this blog have changed a lot too in the past 2 years. The readers definitely get attached to the visuals, and some still email me saying they miss the very first design of “And Far Away” (which was very simple, white with a red header), and others are fond of bringing up the street header which was so much more ‘alive'(which is still functioning here) than the third design with the gray background and the city scene.

Today, to celebrate the beginning of the third year, I’m changing the design once again. I’m sure the “I like the old design better” emails and comments will keep coming, which is cool, it’s so interesting to see people get attached to a design, but personally, I think I like this new design the best so far. There’s a lot of white, a lot of colors, shoes, and best of all, there’s Amman right up there over everything else. This design gives an instant identity on first impression; it’s yelling, “Hey world, this blog is coming to you from Amman, Jordan” and I absolutely love that.

So here’s to a third year, And Far Away, live and kicking from the heart of the Jordanian capital, Amman.

I never though it so possible to love a page on the internet so completely.

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  1. cool new look :)

  2. tommy

    Congrats, Red Sneaker Girl.

  3. Not just the look Roba, but also the content … you are one damn super blogger… well done on everything. You makes us all proud.

  4. God dang it, I can’t get enough of this cool comment thingie … I wa ni’ duu

  5. Just to try out the comment effect again. :)
    Ah, that’s better.

  6. it’s amazing…
    you go girl

  7. Iman, thanks :) Umm… I’ll probably be a completely different person in 10 years. My god, I’ll be 31!

    Khalidah, thanks :)

    OmAr, haha, thanks. I will say hello, inta kaman salemli 3a kol 7ada.

    Omar, dream on ;)

    Pheras, thanks :)

    Mommy, mwah.

    Ha Ana Za, lol, great!

    Rampurple, yay :)

    Nader, it does doesn’t it? Shu zaman 3an the day we met at Blue Fig.

    Tommy, thanks! And what color are your sneakers? :P

    Qwaider, teslam teslam. And hehe, yeah, the AJAX bit mesmerizes me.

    Zeyad, hehe, ta7sheesh. If you ever move to WordPress, I’ll email you the code for the comments.

    Manal, thanks!

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